Future-Proof Your SAN Investments With a Platform That Supports Cost-Effective Web and Cloud-Scale Deployments

Tegile, a Western Digital brand welcomes Cisco’s 32G Storage Area Network FC Switch for high bandwidth, scalable, and reliable solution to manage storage environments efficiently. This new switch, combined with the flexibility of Tegile’s all-flash platform, serves hyper-scale virtualized environments, high performance workloads, and in the near future FC-NVMe workloads will also be supported. Tegile and Cisco work closely to deploy state-of-the-art SAN solutions from small to mid-Tier and very large SANs by meeting unique application workloads that demand specific infrastructure SLAs.

Customers demand superior performance to support today’s latest technologies, such as multi-core processors, emerging technologies like NVMe over Fabrics. Unlike most flash vendors, Tegile supports multiple storage protocols iSCSI, FC-SAN, NFS, and CIFS/SMB. With this level of flexibility, and an architecture that scales, combined with operational simplicity provided by the Cisco MDS 32G products line, enterprise customers can realize unprecedented scale, programmability and deployment flexibility.

SAN Telemetry Streaming for All-Flash: MDS 32G Modular line card has built-in sensors that leverage advanced telemetry to troubleshoot, optimize, and perform real-time capacity planning. With these new features, and with a combined architecture that scales, customers and partners can now realize investment protection on current and future generation of Intellistack architectures.


SAN Storage at the speed of memory.

  • Both Tegile Systems and Cisco Systems are razor focused on customer choice and infrastructure scalability. Tegile’s unique support of multiple storage protocols is complemented by Cisco’s multiple protocol story in the datacenter.



  • Tegile’s integration with MDS, UCS and UCS-Director: Ease of Management with One Platform for any workload, extreme performance, and one single OS to manage makes it very attractive for application upgrades and migrations. Managing and automating workflows via a single pane of glass with UCS-Director makes it very compelling for service providers and resellers to deploy infrastructure components as part of a “managed services” offering. This combination has been validated in the marketplace, and enterprise customers relish the fact this eliminates concerns about feature compatibility and interoperability. (https://www.tegile.com/blog/achieve-levels-automation-orchestration-cisco-ucs-tegile/)

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