Scaling Next-Gen Workload Deployment With Cisco MDS 9000 and IntelliFlash

With the unrelenting pace of innovation in the data center, raising levels of operational efficiency gets more complicated as you need to handle exponential levels of data and add more applications and services. More time is spent on deployment, configuration, and troubleshooting tasks to maintain service-level agreements and keep up with demands. With organizations spending more than 60% of their time and money performing repetitive daily management tasks, such as zoning, inventory reporting, and operational validation checks modern enterprises now need a comprehensive storage networking strategy for on premise mission-critical applications.

We welcome Cisco’s two new 32G Fibre Channel fixed-configuration switches, diagnostic features for enhanced visibility and simplified SAN management with DCNM 11.0. With next-generation NVMe storage coming out in the near future, we expect to see a dramatic acceleration in flash performance, unlocking new capabilities and the power needed for next generation applications. IT organizations that couple our IntelliFlash all-flash offering with Cisco Datacenter technologies gain the edge to automate configuration tasks and the visibility to monitor and detect any performance or system health changes.

With impressive performance capabilities, organizations will be able to transform their data center into a high-performing, highly efficient tool that can drive new and innovating ways to deliver data and services with speed. Now for a change, the same data will be accessed and delivered in a much faster and better way, with more services, enabling a better experience in our business lives. Cisco’s latest products combined with Western Digital’s IntelliFlash technologies can unlock the full capabilities of the all-flash datacenter and increase the productivity and performance of their businesses, making the possibilities of innovation endless.


Rapid Deployments Through Self-Provisioning Storage Networking
To support continuous development and delivery of applications, today’s data centers must be extremely agile to accelerate the provisioning of new host and storage infrastructure. As these applications benefit from the increased adoption of new and powerful all-flash arrays, operators need to proactively detect and troubleshoot issues that impact application performance.

Eliminate Cycles Spent On Bringing Up New Devices Through Auto-Zoning
Now, MDS 32G fixed switches facilitate detection of new host and storage devices that log into a SAN and automatically zone them without having to do manual zone configuration. This eliminates cycles spent in provisioning new devices and prevents errors that typically creep in when manually configuring complex zones.

Proactive Troubleshooting and Reduced OPEX Through Integrated Telemetry
The new 32G switches allow operators to stay on top of all-flash array performance objectives by proactively monitoring workloads to identify issues that could affect IO performance. As these all-flash arrays gradually evolve to support FC-NVMe and SCSi-FCP on the same switch link, higher link bandwidth, IO throughput and deep visibility will allow full realization of your investment.

Cost-Optimized Enterprise-Class Features in a Fixed Form Factor
The MDS 32G fixed switch portfolio possesses all the functionalities that come with the high-end MDS modular directors. Western Digital IntelliFlash’s integration with MDS, UCS and UCS-Director provides Ease of Management with One Platform for any workload, extreme performance, and one single OS to manage makes it very attractive for application upgrades and migrations. Managing and automating workflows via a single pane of glass with UCS-Director makes it very compelling for service providers and resellers to deploy infrastructure components as part of a “managed services” offering. This combination has been validated in the marketplace, and enterprise customers relish the fact this eliminates concerns about feature compatibility and interoperability.



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