Set It and Forget It!

As I make the transition away from my technical role as a Sales Engineer for Tegile to a Product Marketing Manager, I’m often asked about what really makes Tegile IntelliFlash so different compared to all the other storage vendors in the market. Customers would often ask me: “Doesn’t everyone do deduplication?”, “Doesn’t everyone provide block and file protocols?” And, of course, I’d respond with the cliches of “The devil’s in the details” or our favorite in the IT space, “It depends.” But the real answer is “No!”

The storage market is littered with companies both small and big looking to take a bite out of the addressable market. But how can you ensure that the decision you’re making, which often times is one of the most important decisions in the success of your datacenter, applications and most importantly your customers, is the right one? In regards to Storage, it’s also the most crucial decision you’ll make. Make the wrong one, and you’re stuck with a 500lb. paper weight for the next 3-5 years that you can’t wait to get rid of.

Often times when watching TV at the wee hours of the night (being the night owl that I am) an infomercial played that really stuck with me – Ron Popeil’s Showtime Rotisserie Oven, which was a consolidated approach to cooking various types of foods and only using one product. Basically, it was a tool in a busy and often time-sensitive cook’s arsenal that would automate the task of cooking that perfect meal, regardless of the type of meal. At the end of each segment, he’d ask the audience to yell out: “Set it and forget it!” The whole point here was the fact that he knew his audience needed a single product that was able to provide many options, but didn’t need to be managed in a traditional way – one product for each meal.

He really was a marketing genius. Why? He was able to identify a need for a product he created specifically that made his customer’s lives easier without dramatically changing what they were used to doing in the kitchen. They could still cook a lot of what they were used to, but did it in a much more efficient manner from both a time and cost perspective. Not to mention the food tasted better than traditional methods. Trust me, I bought one and love it!

Now by no means am I drawing comparisons to Tegile’s portfolio of hybrid/all-flash arrays (with true inline deduplication and compression) to a infomercial oven, but the similarities coincide. I often have customers voluntarily tell me Tegile’s uniqueness is the ability to “set it and forget it” after we’d install the array into their existing environment. They benefit tremendously from our data reduction, often times achieving higher than 90% savings in certain use cases and maintain an average latency of ~3ms with hybrid and <1ms with all-flash. So, take your various application workloads and place them on an appliance purpose build for those meals, wait, I mean, applications, that can provide the most flexibility when it comes to performance, data reduction and protocol choice.

Thus, I’ve created the first of what will be many videos that showcase our flexibility, performance and ease-of-use when it comes to storage performance, management and data efficiency. I hope to help to answer many of your questions when evaluating storage vendors, allowing you to peel back the onion (see what I did there?) to identify what really makes sense for you and your organization.

This is what our user interface was specifically designed to do. Benefit from tremendous performance, allow the array to intelligently store only the unique blocks of your application data without you needing to lift a finger from an administration perspective. Say it with me:, “Set it and forget it!”

Isn’t that what next-generation storage is really all about? A much smarter approach to Storage that provides the flexibility of choice, improves mission-critical application performance and does it in a automated way.

By the way, if you order now, we’ll throw in the dual-heating tray at no additional cost.

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