SiliconAngle – Tegile Accelerates Hybrid Storage with Voonami Partnership

Maria Deutscher over at SiliconAngle just posted a great article about Tegile’s partnership with Voonami.  Under the agreement, Voonami’s managed replication service will be made available through the remote replication functionality built into Tegile’s hybrid Zebi box. The integration expands the two companies’ existing relationship. Previously, Voonami has deployed Zebi arrays in its two data centers to boost the performance of cloud-based services.

My favorite part of the article is this piece about how hybrids are getting strong traction in the commercial sector: “Unlike hyperscale, hybrid storage is gaining serious traction beyond the realm of cloud service providers and technology-driven enterprises such as Facebook and Google. Wikibon co-founder and CTO David Floyer pinpointed the reason behind the technology’s momentum in a March article entitled “Hybrid Storage Poised to Disrupt Traditional Disk Arrays.”

This partnership will further extend our value to customers – large and small.  We appreciate the coverage, Maria, and are eager to do more great things with our friends at Voonami.

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