Steps to Sustainable Enterprise Storage with Tegile

Marc Farley talks about taking steps toward sustainable enterprise storage in this short video (2:40). He says that the combination of extended service lives and data reduction technology in flash-based arrays means customers will use them much longer and buy them less frequently. He also mentions server virtualization and consolidation as important elements for sustainability.

Buy arrays that last longer and have data reduction.”

Marc Farley, Tegile

One comment on “Steps to Sustainable Enterprise Storage with Tegile

  1. Jay Rubenstein on

    when talking about sustainability if you want to go a bit deeper you can also mention that traditional rotating media with raid 5/6 and even 10 will suffer from holes in the data when the array controller allows x number of segments to fail*. That is one of the reasons zfs is such an advantage.

    * 2006 the industry made a the decision to allow for a small number of failed segments to pass through a raid rebuild. The reason to allow the failure is simple and valid, if I have 10 or 20 terabytes of data on a raided device why fail all of it for a few 512 byte sectors, this might just be a few files.

    The interesting piece of this is most customers don’t find out until that critical file is lost.


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