When the competition heats up, what makes a product stand out?

Why do people buy the things they buy? There are three ways to create a successful product: be the first, be the best, or be the cheapest. The book, “Competitive Advantage,” by Harvard Business Professor Michael Porter, echoes these approaches, while stressing the importance of differentiation and focus.

Performance versus efficiency
Consider cars, for example. Over the past few years I’ve owned a Chevy Volt and a BMW 550i. Most recently I traded both of those cars for a Tesla Model S. In my mind, all three cars are excellent products, for different reasons. In the case of the Volt and the 550i, there’s a beauty in their focus on one thing.
The Volt is efficient, but lacks performance; whereas the BMW has great performance, but lacks efficiency. When it comes to Tesla, however, things get interesting. The Tesla is a perfect combination of both performance and efficiency.

The tension in product design between performance and efficiency carries over to the storage industry. Most storage companies are really good at one thing, but don’t combine multiple attributes into a single platform.

  • Companies such as Nimble focus on being a low-cost leader in the hybrid block storage market.
  • Companies such as Tintri focus on, well, focus: VM-granular storage for NFS workloads.
  • Companies such as Pure focus on all-flash all the time for block-based workloads.

The emphasis on different features across storage products can create compromises in the data center for an end user, especially if that end user wants to standardize on a single storage platform that can do it all.

Performance plus efficiency
What if I told you there is a storage vendor that combines all capabilities into a single flash platform for any workload? Enter Tegile.tegile-rack

Tegile offers hybrid solutions for customers who want the best $/GB. If you need performance, Tegile has all-flash for the best $/IOP. In addition to granular VM-level monitoring and provisioning for virtualized workloads, Tegile natively exposes both SAN and NAS protocols, as well. Most importantly, we do all this with the perfect balance of performance and efficiency.

Much like Tesla consolidates both performance and efficiency into a single automobile, Tegile does the same for people who want both performance and efficiency from the storage in their datacenter.

We like to call it hyper-consolidation and it creates a powerful competitive advantage for our customers.  Why don’t you test drive a Tegile today?  Sign up for a demo and take a spin.

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