The Storage Format of The Future, Made to Fit Inside Your Backpack

One of the most important things for an organization is to have working backups of all their data. Typically this requires not only taking up extra space in your data center, but it also means getting sign-off for the additional OPEX.

Today, we are going to forever change the world of archival data. We have spent the last few years developing the IntelliFloppy™, and are excited to bring this revolutionary new form of compact storage to you. It means you will never again need to worry about making space for a backup server.

IntelliFloppy uses patented IntelliMicronization™ technology to shrink down petabytes of flash storage into the size of an 8” floppy diskette. This allows you to have the stability, density, and speed of flash all within a format that you can carry with you anywhere.

A Whole New Way to Backup and Restore

Not only can you carry your entire organization’s data with you anywhere you go, transferring data is now a snap. If you need to set up a satellite location, you won’t even need to wait for your network to be online before you’re copying files over to your new server.

Simply hook up your IntelliFloppy Drive™ to the destination drive and insert the IntelliFloppy diskette. Utilizing NVMe with microsecond latencies, the transfer will happen before you’ve even finished your coffee break.

Convenient and Affordable

We’ve talked about how IntelliFloppy can have a major impact in your data center, but we haven’t talked yet about how affordable it can be.

While NVMe AFAs can save you in both space and operating expenditures, using IntelliFloppy can drive those costs down even further. Surprisingly, IntelliFloppies will currently be sold for just $10/TB, with prices reaching as low as $2.00/TB by 2020.

Having the most portable and affordable flash storage on the market isn’t enough for us here at Tegile. We’re also bringing you world-class support and protection. If your IntelliFloppy disk is damaged within the first year we’ll replace it for free.


Throwing IntelliFloppy Into the Mix

Maybe you’re excited about utilizing IntelliFloppy but have concerns about how it will work with the AFA you already own. Never fear, we thought of that too.

Every IntelliFloppy is built from the ground up to utilize IntelliFloppy OS™ integrating seamlessly with IntelliFlash OS. Once you’re all set up, the IntelliFloppy will instantly be recognized by your IntelliFlash controller and you’re ready for backup, transfer, or even daily use.


Experience the Revolution Today

Call now to speak with a Tegile sales representative and find out how you can bring IntelliFloppy to a data center near you. Tegile – Making data come alive!

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