Storage Magazine/ 2012 Products of the Year


This week, we here at Tegile were thrilled (but not surprised!) to learn that we are among fifteen finalists for the Storage magazine/ 2012 Product of the Year award. The list of finalists certainly represents a broad swath of respected names in the enterprise storage space and we’re very pleased to see that the judges have recognized that Tegile’s HA2800 all flash array provides customers with a great pure flash storage system, but it comes with what we believe is a pretty awesome twist that makes it a unique product in the market.

We call it the “Hybrid Twist” and it’s just one key feature that makes our product stand out from all others. You might be wondering just what the word “hybrid” is doing associated with a product that is clearly labeled all-flash. We’re getting to that…

At Tegile, we are hybrid storage ninjas and we believe that a vast majority of workloads are best served through a careful combination of solid state storage for performance and hard disk drives for capacity. We take the two kinds of devices and wrap them up inside commodity hardware, add a sprinkle of our secret software sauce and the end result is something spectacular.

But, we’re also realists at heart. Even though we love hybrid, we realize that there are some outlier use cases for which there is either a real or perceived need for raw speed that can only be handled by an all-flash storage array. That’s why we released the HA2800, a performance powerhouse that packs 4.4 TB of raw storage into 2U of rack space. We mix that with 192 GB of DRAM and a system packing four Xeon E5620 processors and then we price the system aggressively so that we can provide our customers with the best storage on the planet.
Even though we love our HA2800 and have to stand back when it takes off to avoid the sheer performance fueled backdraft, we have a secret to share with you.

The HA2800 alone might be an all-flash array, but we also offer an add-on unit dubbed the J2800, which adds up to 144 TB of hard disk storage to the HA2800, making the HA2800 one of the biggest, baddest hybrid arrays on the planet that can deliver 200,000 IOPs and about 500TB of effective capacity after de-dupe and compression.

So, here you are with 144 TB of raw storage capacity front-ended by 4.4 TB of flash and 192 GB of DRAM. With this solution, the sky is the limit. But that’s not all!

Our HA2800 all-flash array, whether or not you combine it with the J2800, still supports our comprehensive, performance-enhancing de-duplication feature, which works across both the SSD and the HDD storage. We did say that the sky is the limit, right?

Moreover, if you have an acronym, we support it. All Tegile arrays are fluent speakers in many storage communications languages, including SAN protocols (iSCSI, Fibre Channel) and NAS protocols (NFS, SMB/CIFS). Remember that sky and limit thing? No limits here!

But, we wouldn’t be considered enterprise-class storage if we didn’t support such additional features as compression, thin provisioning, snapshots, and remote replication. All of these are bundled into the base configuration of all of our arrays.

We also wouldn’t be considered enterprise-grade if we didn’t back our units with a world-class support organization, which we do. Our customers are priority number one and we make sure that they know it with every interaction they have with us.
So, given all this, we weren’t that surprised to be considered a finalist among such prestigious names. Of course, we’d pit our system against anything on the list in a variety of usage scenarios and we think that our broad based – hybrid and multi-protocol approach – will win the day, every day.

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