Keep your finger on the pulse of storage with Tegile Analytics

Easily monitor storage, so you can focus on your business.

Monitoring the health and performance of your storage environment is necessary (and never easy) for staying in front of issues, viewing storage consumption, and gathering valuable information on all the data within a storage environment.

Tegile’s user interface makes it easy

The Analytics section of our user interface allows our customers to have detailed views of their arrays, including resource usage, IOPS, and latency, with current and historical data, as well as other info. These analytics capabilities include all the statistics, metrics, bells and whistles that customers need to monitor their storage arrays.

Moreover, because Tegile IntelliFlash natively supports block and file protocols on both our all-flash and hybrid arrays, we offer full array-based analytic views for each protocol. This means that you can also report on individual luns and shares.

Customers have their own idea of what’s important in their environment. As such, the real-time analytics section allows you to customize the views that most interest you. You can include and remove “widgets” (data sources) as you require, based on what data you’d like to key in on. For example, if you’re running both iSCSI and NFS protocols, you’re able to easily include those widgets on the screen. Or if you’re more interested in network throughput and cache hit ratios, go ahead and add those in, too.

Live analytics in real time

Live analytics shows you real-time statistics and metrics. Also, as with all of our views, you can categorize by throughput, IOPS, and latency, which are some of the most important performance metrics needed to troubleshoot any storage array. Historical analytics show stats for any time period you select. Access to this data allows you to troubleshoot an issue that may have occurred in the past, watch for usage and performance trends, generate impressive hero charts for management and export data to a CSV file you can tinker with in Excel.

Why use storage analytics?

What do most of our customers use Tegile Analytics for? virtual environments. It’s typical for some VMs to consume a higher amount of resources, starving other VMs within the same cluster, essentially going “rogue.” It can also be difficult to pinpoint the rogue VMs unless you have VM-aware storage. Tegile provides this level of granularity of VM-aware reporting.

Within our analytics, you gain granular insights by categorizing each VM and its corresponding ESX host(s) by throughput, latency and IOPS, as discussed earlier. This features allows you to monitor all your VMs — just as you’ve named them in your virtualized environment, to proactively identify the VMs causing you all the grief…and fix it!

Stay on top and ensure peak performance

With these granular monitoring capabilities you’ll stay on top of your IntelliFlash arrays and ensure that your applications are running optimally. Most importantly, Tegile Analytics allows you to take the guesswork out of monitoring the performance of your data center and instead spend time time on what’s most important — your business.

Rather than talk more about it, watch this demo video to find out more:

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