Tegile and Higher Education: A Match That Gets an A+

Colleges and universities, both public and private, are facing unprecedented challenges in today’s increasingly competitive education marketplace.  Besides competing with one another for a diminishing number of students, institutions of higher education are under increased scrutiny from regulators and accreditation agencies seeking to ensure positive outcomes from what can be an expensive education.  IT teams in colleges and universities face burgeoning portfolios while also striving to constantly do more with less and are often tasked with cutting costs while maintaining acceptable levels of service. In short, colleges and universities and their IT departments are constantly squeezed from all sides and often need to take short cuts or compromise in order to meet their goals.

Tegile’s No Compromise Array

When it comes to storage, though, IT departments in higher ed have at their fingertips a no compromise solution that delivers incredible value, incredible performance while also delivering all of storage features that one would expect to find in an enterprise class storage array. With a Tegile array, IT staff doesn’t need to spend hours sitting down and defining exacting requirements before starting a search for a storage array.  With Tegile, everything is on the table.  Need Fiber Channel?  Check.  Need iSCSI?  Check.  Need 10 Gb iSCSI?  Check.  Need NAS?  Check.  Tegile’s comprehensive hardware solution can simple click into place in any existing environment without the need for an overhaul of the supporting infrastructure. On the feature front, Tegile doesn’t cut any corners, so colleges can rest assured that they are buying a state of the art, feature-filled product that gets better with every software release.  Our powerful inline deduplication capability covers the entire array – solid state disks and hard disks – and ramps up the ROI by massively expanding the usable capacity of the device.  In fact, we use up to 75% less capacity that raw storage thanks to this feature. See the chart below.  These statistics were sent to us last night by one of our higher ed customers.  You can see deduplication and compression yield a 78% savings.  The compression only reduction ratio is only 35%.  Perhaps best of all, Tegile arrays are fast!  Even our entry level array boasts tens of thousands of IOPS of capability, making it a perfect solution for implementing virtual computer labs, virtual classrooms, student databases, course management systems, and even robust analytics systems that constantly mine data in order to improve student retention… all from the same array.


At Tegile, we know the story of the harried systems administrators sitting in the bowels of the administration building attempting to hold everything together while also trying to have a life.  We feel your pain!  To help our customers leverage everything we bring to the table, we’ve layered on top of our hardware a management system that makes Tegile arrays dramatically easier to manage than legacy systems. Application optimized templates accelerate the provisioning process and implement best practices in a single mouse click. Backup and replication are built in – no complex back-end software to manage. Best yet – all of our software is included in a single license.  We don’t nickel and dime our customers. We also understand that virtualization in among the primary use cases for our hardware and we’ve developed powerful tools to help customers more easily administer the entire environment.  We provide one-click virtual machine optimized storage creation that can deploy hundreds of virtual machines and desktops in minutes, not hours. We also provide built-in backup and data replication via unlimited snapshots, cloning, and instantaneous restores to keep virtual machines and desktops protected.  We’ve got your back!

Our Commitment

Tegile believes in providing our customers with the best possible experience… from start to finish.  Ask to speak to one of our existing customers in the higher education market – they’ll tell you why they give us great grades.  We’re big believers in supporting higher education and think that our solution gets an A+ for colleges and universities.

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