Tegile and Veeam, BFFs
(Backup Friends Forever)

Your relationship status with backup is probably like this: “it’s complicated.” Maybe things were good at first; but then backup became needy: constantly running out of space; taking way too long to get ready; asking you to drop everything on a Friday night and restore something; always wanting to test the relationship by running DR scenarios.

Maybe once you were close with backup. But then you and virtualization got together, and you started to realize how annoying backup really is. Maybe you had a kid, bought a condo, and grew up. But backup stayed the same as always — so you drifted apart.

It happens. It’s sad. But we’re asking you to give backup a chance.

We know that backup for diverse, virtualized systems is challenging. We know that backups take too much time and capacity, leading to higher costs of storage and administration. We know that meeting backup and recovery SLAs are daunting.

Data growth alone makes it difficult to forecast usage, keep on top of bottlenecks, and respond to demands for more of everything (capacity, performance, uptime, service). Add virtualization, and those demands get demand-ier. Data has to be protected and restored at a VM-level of granularity, in limited time windows. As environments become more consolidated and converged, the time and expense of managing backups increases.

Tegile offers several ways to make backup less tragic, one of which involves our technology partner, Veeam. Tegile and Veeam have jointly developed a simple, reliable, powerful, and resilient solution for backup and replication in virtualized environments. This Tegile-Veeam solution protects data and applications for VMs, plus makes the most of our high-performing all-flash storage and cost-effective hybrid storage. Building your backup and DR operations on Tegile arrays and Veeam software means nothing changes from a host perspective, and even complex backup operations can be automated using our RESTful APIs and Veeam commands.

Veeam’s data protection software was developed specifically for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V infrastructures. It offers VM-consistent and application-consistent snapshots, and allows restores at the granular VM level, application level, and even item level. And for failover and failback scenarios, Veeam replication is a great alternative to VMware SRM.

The combination of Tegile with Veeam offers several benefits that dramatically reduce the cost and time involved in managing backups. One major benefit is Tegile’s ability to compress and deduplicate across all Veeam backup jobs.

At first when deploying Tegile and Veeam with customers, we noticed that Veeam deduplicated data within backup jobs, but not across them. Therefore it is best to turn dedupe and compression on in both Veeam and the Tegile array. Our native deduplication and compression works very well in conjunction with Veeam’s deduplication and compression: Veeam deduplicates data within a backup job and Tegile does an efficient job of deduplicating data across multiple backup jobs.

Below is a customer screenshot, whose 56.5TB was compressed and deduped to only 7.4TB using Tegile as their backup target:

BOOM! Do you see the staggering 87% in data savings? (See below settings for optimal data reduction.)*

Also, restoring data from a Veeam backup on a Tegile array is impressively fast. A key reason that our performance is best in class is how intelligently we handle and store metadata. By accessing Tegile’s metadata cache, and with our metadata acceleration features, we can rapidly retrieve and recover files, VMs and clusters of VMs. With Veeam’s DR testing, VMs will run from the backup storage repository; and when there’s a second Tegile array, you’ll get the same performance as you get from the primary system.

Our technology partnership with Veeam has resulted in complementary features, tight integration, proven interoperability, and many joint customers. If you don’t know the power of Tegile and Veeam, maybe it’s time to try it for yourself.

*Here are those settings we told you about:

Veeam Settings


  • Veeam > Advanced Settings:
    • Deduplication: On
    • Compression level: Optimal (recommended)
    • Optimize for: LAN target
  • Veeam > Storage Compatibility Settings:
    • Align backup file data blocks: On
    • Decompress backup data blocks before storing: On
    • Use per-VM backup files: On

Tegile Settings


  • Tegile > Volume Settings: Select “Backup” template
    • Block size: 64KB
    • Data Compression: lz4
    • Deduplication: On

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