Tegile Announces Winner of Donuts for a Year

Our Donuts for Donuts contest is popular with Tegile users. We scoured the scores and are pleased to announce our customer with the most reduction in storage space using Tegile arrays.

School District 27J Wins Donuts for a Year!

When it comes to data reduction, School District 27J did its homework. With a whopping 90% reduction in storage space, School District 27J earned the top prize of donuts for a year. School District 27J uses its new Tegile arrays to support file servers, SQL workloads, application servers, Active Directory servers and a VDI infrastructure. Tegile congratulates School District 27J! We salute your work to support students – and your data reduction expertise! Visit on Twitter: @SD27J

Runners Up to Win Donuts for a Year

Housing & Hospitality Services at Top 10 US University

This busy group supports the data needs of thousands of students in dorm rooms, plus runs operations for dorms, apartments, a hotel and conference center, and the restaurants that serve the students. When they tell us uptime is important, they mean it! Can you imagine over 40,000 unfed college students? They used Tegile Systems to support VDI and achieved an 88% data reduction ratio. Way to go!

Magna/Presstran, a Canadian Global Automotive Manufacturer

With hundreds of manufacturing and sales operations in 29 countries, uptime for VDI is essential to the success of this global company. With Tegile Systems, this automotive manufacturer steered its way to a 77% data reduction ratio. Congratulations on keeping operations rolling!

Day Lewis Plc, a European National Champion

Pharmacist access to patient data, limited at a local level, is critical for this retail pharmacy chain. With Tegile Systems, Day Lewis PLC achieved a 77% data reduction ratio, which saves space for more patient records! Hats off the team at Day Lewis PLC. Here’s to your health! Visit on Twitter: @DayLewisGroup

Thank you to everyone who entered our contest, Donuts for Donuts. Be sure to bookmark our Donuts for Donuts page and enter your data. You may be our next winner of donuts for a year!

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