Tegile Introduces APT to increase Hybrid Array Performance

Tegile's new APT Drives

Angular Platter Technology,
just like a race track!

In an ongoing effort to balance the tension between data center performance and economics, Tegile is proud to announce its patented Angular Platter Technology (APT).

APT harnesses the power of centrifugal and centripetal force to keep bits on rotating disk media in place at high rotational velocity. This ability allows Tegile hybrid arrays to reduce latency when IO comes from disk instead of flash. APT was jointly developed with disk drive vendors to modify the shape of disk platters into a cone shape, similar to the angles used on automobile race tracks and Olympic luge runs.

By the Numbers

Let the center of gravity of the bit above the disk substrate be h, the track width 2b, the speed of the bit v, the radius of the sector r, and the mass of the bit m. The reactions of the disk substrate of the inner and outer edges of the bit are R1 and R2 respectively and the frictional force between the bit and the disk is F.

When the bit is just about to fail to keep hold on the media, the bit will lift off the media and so R1 will become zero. The bit will then tend to fly off the media outwards and hit the inner wall of the drive casing (see diagram below).

Tegile's new APT Drive

Resolving vertically: R2 = mg

Taking moments about the
center of gravity: R2b = Fh

And so F = R2b/h = mgb/h

But since F = mv2/r
we have mv2/r = mgb/h

So, the maximum speed at which the bit can rotate is given by:
Maximum speed (v) = [rgb/h]1/2

Latest measurements have shown that we can do about 22,000 RPM. The lead researcher at the Carnegie Melatonin University who worked with Tegile on the project, Dr. Bob Shaback, indicated that “this is a breakthrough technology that allows us to drastically reduce power consumption with the energy that is being generated at this high revolution.” So, take a look at Tegile arrays that feature ATP soon.

This exciting technology was shared for a laugh today. Happy April Fool’s Day!

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