Tegile Partners with Amazon to Launch IntelliDrone

While most enterprise storage vendors are scrambling for ways to partner with Amazon’s cloud computing division, Tegile has taken a different path. The flash storage pioneer is teaming up with Amazon to leapfrog the industry’s legacy service delivery model with IntelliDrone.

IntelliDrone is tightly integrated with Tegile’s predictive analytics platform called IntelliCare which monitors millions of telemetry points across thousands of IntelliFlash storage systems deployed around the world. These analytics are able to detect potential issues before they happen and pre-emptively implement fixes, so application performance and uptime are maximized at all times.

If a replacement fan, power supply, SSD or hard drive is required, an IntellDrone is immediately dispatched from the closest Amazon warehouse and flies the replacement part to a customer’s data center. This level of service is unprecedented in the $20 billion enterprise storage market.

IntelliDrones are also used to make technology upgrades for customers who have purchased Lifetime Storage from Tegile. This program forward prices a technology refresh three or five years out and amortizes the cost into the system’s maintenance contract. When this service life window nears close, an IntelliDrone will deliver the latest technology to the customer for a seamless upgrade.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos was unavailable for comment, but when asked, the company’s Alexa device exclaimed “IntelliDrone is a very exciting delivery model that I am eager to see in action. Perhaps future versions of IntelliDrone will include an Amazon Echo API for voice activated dispatch.”

IntelliDrone Predictive Part Delivery comes standard with Tegile Premier Support option and is optional with the Standard Support option.

Happy April Fool’s Day – I’m going to go fly a drone.

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