Tegile Nominated for Storage Hardware Product of the Year

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Good news! Tegile is in the running for Storage Hardware Product of the Year. The Data Centre Solutions Awards selected Tegile for this category because of the flexibility that that our arrays provide users. Increased flexibility gives users a greater ability to solve business data challenges as they arise.

Tegile storage allows users to
  • use all-flash and hybrid storage
  • accelerate their business with predictable low-latency data access
  • curb their costs by using data-reduction technologies

Vote for Tegile

If you want to vote for Tegile for best Storage Hardware Product of the Year, please cast your vote here. Voting closes at 5:30 pm GMT on Thursday, 23 April.

Award Announcement

The winner of Hardware Product of the Year will be announced at a reception at the Radisson Blu Portman Hotel in London on Thursday 14 May. Tegile will be there! Results will be shared on the Tegile page on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

2 comments on “Tegile Nominated for Storage Hardware Product of the Year

  1. Brian Choules on

    I have had the opportunity to work with Tegile in the implementation of our HA2100 which has ran amazing since the deployment. We have only had a few small issues, of which were quickly handled and assessed by the fantastic support team that Tegile currently has available. I look forward to continuing business with Tegile products and services in the future.

    Thank you,
    Brian Choules

  2. Rob Commins on

    Thank you Brian!

    We are passionate about our products’ ability to accelerate applications and drive unheard of efficiencies, but we are crazy about customer gratification. It is very rewarding to hear great accolades like yours, much appreciated!



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