Get Tegile on your radar: What to do if asked to find a new storage vendor

What do you do when you are assigned the project to find a new data storage provider? Likely you have a compelling event of a big fat support renewal for 3-5 year-old technology that does not make sense to keep alive in your shop. So what do you do? Searching for a new storage vendor is hard these days.

First: Identify your options

You could take 6-9 months and analyze the 20+ new storage vendors on the market across 10 different categories. Unless you work for an analyst, which is unlikely, you have to narrow your scope to the 3-4 vendors that are on your own personal “radar.”

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Which storage vendors is everyone talking about?
  • Do these vendors offer what we need to address all of our storage needs?

Second: Get Tegile on your radar

A year ago Tegile might not have been on your mental radar; but I am betting that has changed. The company is doing well. We were recently nominated for Storage Company of the Year by the Storage, Virtualization and Cloud Awards. We are adding tons of new customers every quarter and are in the press constantly now for all the right reasons.

Ok, now you have heard of us, but how does this help you make a comparison of Tegile vs. the other guys in a full-blown comparative smack down?

Let me try to help with this by really breaking down the capabilities and visualizing them in a “radar graph.” For those fellow college grads who majored in Engineering or Science you likely remember these beasties quite well. They are used to visualize a complex problem across multiple dimensions of analysis with a single graph. Sorry if a bad flashback is starting right now.

Third: Do the Math

You have to be normal at some point so I normalized the capabilities on a scale of 1 – 10, with 10 having full coverage and 1 having nothing. This normalization allows a single-view comparison across eight different dimensions, each of which can be critical to your application use cases.

Now let’s analyze. On the chart below, identify which storage capabilities you need. See where the vendors compare on storage capabilities. From a storage provider’s viewpoint, the goal is to have as much area covered as possible.

Graph of Storage Capabilities and Coverage by Storage Vendors

What does this graph show us?

  • Tegile has the broadest coverage, as its region covers the entire spectrum of storage capabilities
  • While Nimble and Pure do some things very well, they are limited when viewed across the entire spectrum of storage capabilities

Fourth: Target Tegile in your storage search

I’m betting that Tegile is already on your radar or will be very soon. We are rapidly closing in on your target, which is to have an enterprise-quality array that covers any workload with any amount of flash.

If you are shopping for storage for your company, get to know Tegile at a world of storage and IT events. Or if you happen to be in Scottsdale, Arizona, or Silicon Valley, California, come out and join us for an exclusive screening of Spectre.

Before the movie, we’ll share a short presentation on “How to Evaluate Storage,” which should help in your storage search.

So, what to do if asked to find new storage at your company? Get Tegile on your radar. Find out how we cover a full spectrum of storage capabilities. As you can see in the graph above, why purchase a limited solution when you can set your sights on the whole thing?

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