For those about to Flash, Tegile salutes you!

In this age of the Internet of Things, mobile devices are connected and big data provides more data than organizations can digest. For IT groups that serve the public, expectations are high and budgets are low. What’s a government IT professional to do? Try out flash storage from Tegile.

See top 5 ways Tegile flash storage serves Federal Government, Military, State & Local Agencies


Enables real-time analytics
Did you know that real-time analytics requires a flexible flash platform? At Tegile we already support real-time analytics for government projects, like the cyber range of the Department of Defense (DOD).

See how you can use data analytics to encourage change in government: Learn more.


Enables digital transformation of operations via hyper-consolidation
Right now, IT groups in government and military data centers are enabling digital transformation of operations so that real-time data can be analyzed and used to improve critical decision making.

If digital transformation is on your mind, contact Tegile to discuss hyper-consolidation. Or chat with us and our technology partners, Cisco, Oracle, SanDisk, ManTech, vZure, Cypherpath and Couchbase, in person at Cisco Live.


Improves performance and saves administration time
At the County of Nevada, their old SAN was causing performance issues for end users and making administration a complicated effort. Moreover, the old system was also slowing down critical applications for finance and tax.

See how this local agency significantly improved operations and processing time by making the switch to Tegile for enterprise storage.


Reduces costs and ensures control over IT infrastructure
Deep concerns over security, access, and the ability to meet SLAs are significant obstacles to moving confidential data to the Public Cloud. Agencies are understandably reluctant to transfer management of their IT infrastructure to a Cloud service provider.

See how Tegile flash storage reduces costs — and ensures control over data that needs to stay secure.


Allows you to try our system — at no cost to you
Find out how flash storage improves performance and lowers costs in the data center. Take a Test Flight of Tegile flash arrays: Learn more.

Get behind the controls of an IntelliFlash HD array and experience the speed and agility of Tegile. IntelliFlash HD supports SAN and NAS protocols, plus inline compression and deduplication. Users enjoy flexible management and the ability to consolidate data onto one flash platform.

Reach out to Team Tegile

If you work in a government data center and want to improve operations, reach out to Team Tegile.

Describe your workloads to our storage experts and your requirements for security and costs. We’ll help you identify how to hyper–consolidate your data workloads onto the most flexible flash platform available. For those about to Flash, Tegile salutes you!

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