Tegile Systems – The Official Data Storage Provider of the Minnesota WILD

Our team has been having a great time helping the professional sports and hospitality group that owns the Minnesota Wild National Hockey League (NHL) franchise.  The Wild IT group was looking for help streamlining infrastructure management to support increased interaction with clients, managing and planning for infrastructure growth, and following sustainability processes to promote their environmental goals.  We partnered with Cisco and VMware to build a flexible and scalable data center.

The IT needs for the corporate headquarters and facilities are varied and demanding. Hockey fans have come to expect exciting audio and video to enhance their viewing experience. Clients renting out facilities also want the latest technologies and features to impress their respective audiences. “As part of the entertainment business, technology is an essential part of our services,” says Jim Ibister, vice president of facility administration for Minnesota Wild. “At the same time, we’re a hospitality business, so it’s important that even our IT staff can focus on interacting with clients rather than just on managing equipment.”

The Wild’s results are impressive:

  • Achieved 43 percent reduction in support costs
  • Reduced power by 63 percent and heat output by 68 percent
  • Reduced data from 42TB to 17TB

Check out the complete case study we wrote with Cisco.

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  1. FSlovenec on

    The statistics at the end of the article are fantastic! This is a great testimony to the Tegile technology and the professional skill to collaborate with the customer.


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