Public Cloud Pricing with Private Data Center Security and Control from Tegile Capital

This is a guest post from Erik Carlsen at Tegile Capital.

For many organizations, information is both their most valuable business asset as well as their greatest financial liability. As mission-critical data sets grow, so too do the costs required to properly store and manage them. And therein lies the challenge – how to properly size and correctly budget for these ever-increasing volumes? Allocating too much for data storage is wasteful but providing too little hurts your end users’ experience.

Unlike traditional funding channels, Tegile Capital has developed the perfect buying scenario that turns storage financing on its head. Through our Agility Pricing, we provide businesses with a simple, transparent, pay-per-use model that leverages the payment experience of the cloud with the control and security of on-premise storage. This intelligent approach turns storage from a capital expenditure to an operational one that ensures that any Tegile Zebi hybrid storage array deployed within an organization is always right-sized and cost-effective.

In addition to securing a high-performance storage array that balances capacity, features and price for the perfect solution for a wide range of industries and applications, Tegile offers Vendor Services Group. A complementary entity which funds all associated professional services and 3rd party products to provide a comprehensive solution for your overall needs. What we’re most concerned with is that your company achieves the storage outcome it requires rather than the sale of any one individual component.

This unique approach ensures a symbiotic relationship between the IT department and a company’s financial counterpart for the greater good of the organization. It is also an approach that sets Tegile apart from our competitors. By offering options to purchase Zebi arrays outright, lease them or leverage a capacity-utilization model through Tegile’s Agility Pricing Program, we’ve been successful in achieving a 350 percent growth in year-over-year sales while shipping 1,000 units in just two years.

If you’re concerned with how to best overcome your organization’s storage challenges associated with VDI, server virtualization, database hosting, file services and more without constraining financial flexibility, be sure to check out our best-in-class products and services with one of the many resellers in our partner eco-system and ask how you can leverage the financial tools available through Tegile Capital.

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