“I just bought the Tesla of All-Flash Storage!”

Those were the words of Jim, one of our long-standing customers, who recently purchased our newest iteration of IntelliFlash HD multi-tiered flash array. After having put the system through its paces over the last six months, he was giddy about what HD can deliver for his business. A 20-year IT veteran, Jim is a straight shooter and doesn’t hesitate to call a spade a spade. So, such praise coming from him made me swell with pride for the innovation and quality we have delivered in our new IntelliFlash HD array..

When I sat down with Jim to get his impressions of IntelliFlash HD, little did I know we’d end up talking about all the similarities between a Tesla Model S and IntelliFlash HD.  If you are wondering about the relevance to Tesla, you should know that Jim is a recent all-electric convert who now looks at the world through the lens of his newly acquired Tesla.

Me: Jim, thanks for sitting down with me. So, what are your initial impressions of HD?

Jim: Man, it’s insanely fast. My users are seeing 5x to 8x increase in application speeds. It’s like when I turn on “Insane Mode” in my Tesla. Hair-on-fire experience! I actually clocked myself going 0 – 60 in 3.2 seconds.

Me: Yes, that’s pretty fast. How often do you get to punch it?

Jim: Not often enough! Too much traffic during the weekdays. But I do gun it freeways from time to time. The thing is that if you floor it too often you lose range as the battery drains. I get over 300 miles if I don’t drive like a maniac.

Me: Our HD array on the other hand will give you sustained performance without compromising data reduction and effective capacity. Depending on your workload, you can store over 4PB of effective data while delivering nearly a million IOPS. How much data are you going to move over to your new HD box?

Jim: I have seen pretty good data reduction for the various workloads that I have tested the HD with VMs, SQL Server databases, file shares, Oracle data warehouses, and NoSQL data sets. In one case, I saw an 18:1 reduction. That’s pretty good.

We plan on migrating over 450 TB off our old arrays to start. We will be recouping over 4 racks by getting rid of our old legacy storage arrays. That’s massive savings in our colo costs. Over time, I expect the majority of our data growth will come from our NoSQL and unstructured data workloads.

Me: You mentioned massive savings in co-location costs. Care you quantify it?

Jim: I don’t have exact figures but it’s safe to say we will be saving over $150K annually. You know what? It’s like the savings I see with my Tesla. I drive over 200 miles every week. I’m saving about 80 bucks in gas now that I’ve gone electric. Man, I should’ve upgraded months ago!

My IT team is pretty stoked about our HD purchase. Our business units to whom we provide storage services and charge back are also quite happy because they are seeing a huge boost in productivity while only paying for capacity used. Everybody is happy!

Jim: Have you tried the Autopilot in the Tesla? It’s freakin amazing. I am just a bit scared but I guess I will have to get used to it. It’s set-n-forget.

Me: Hey, that’s my line! That’s what we say about the HD’s storage management. By the way, what’s your feedback on usability of the latest UI enhancements in IntelliFlash OS 3.7?

Jim: I have heard no complaints from my admins. I played more with IntelliCare to get a bird’s-eye view of all the Tegile storage we use in our data center. IntelliCare is pretty awesome! I am quite impressed with the overall presentation in the central console of all the relevant information about our storage footprint. The “predictive” and “what-if” reports in IntelliCare are what I use the most. Storage management is transparent and automated like my Tesla’s Autopilot.

The storage locations on the map reminds me of the Tesla console. The 17-inch screen in the Model S is simply cool. I love the driver experience and everything seems so seamlessly integrated!

Me: Like the IntelliCare console? ☺

Jim: That’s right! The only thing the HD can’t do that the Tesla can is take me home!

Me: Yeah, but the HD is all-flash *and* hybrid, which the Tesla isn’t. ☺

Jim: True, true!


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