Tintri credits Captain Obvious and rips a page from Tegile’s playbook

captain obvious south park

You don’t need a crystal ball to know some things are going to occur – like knowing there will be high profile public servants claiming they never used the Ashley Madison web site. After Tintri announced their funding round a couple weeks ago, it was obvious they were going to come out with an all flash array (AFA). What’s almost as obvious as that, is the disappearance of the hybrid array segment from the storage industry. If you don’t have an AFA, it’s getting harder to compete.

captain obvious breathingThe other obvious thing is that given the choice between AFA and hybrid, many customers actually end up buying both! Some workloads are better fits for hybrid (cost-wins), while others need the performance overhead from an AFA. It should be obvious that customers like choice, but not everybody gets it. (Pure and Nimble are you paying attention?) Speaking of choice, customers also like to be able to use their arrays for both SAN and NAS and to be able to connect them via both ethernet and FC. I expect those developments will take our competitors a lot longer to figure out though.

Captain Obvious says Tegile is the obvious choice

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