I went to Toronto, and all I got was this Piece of Plastic

I just came back from the VM-Forum in Toronto.  A few observations (not really about VMware stuff):

  1. Something is up in Toronto, and the real estate developers know it.  Other than Las Vegas, I have never seen so many cranes assembling skyscrapers in my life.  Toronto is the business and financial capital of Canada, and appears to be outpacing what we are up to here in the states.
  2. In Canadian IT, there seems to be no middle class.  Of the several hundred people I spoke to at the VM-Forum, almost all of them could be put in a very disparate group: a) a super-small IT shop that stores a total of 3-10TB or b) a very large financial services or insurance company that is sitting on multiple PB of data.  Where did the mid-range guy go?Does the mid-range exist in Canada?  I’d be keen to see an IDC chart showing revenue or units by price band for Canada vs USA or WW.
  3. This one is a bit on the lighter side.  IT professionals from Canada have an insatiable desire for free stuff.  The rate at which the tchotchkes were being grabbed from the vendors’ booths.  It was so feverish, that I bet my pals in the booth next to me that if they put the empty plastic cases their pens were shipped in out on their table and told people that it was “free hot air”, they’d get takers.  It worked!!!  Some people actually took the empty plastic tube the pens came it – without the pen!  Incredible . . .

All things considered, Toronto was a great place to visit.  Too bad I was only there for only two days.  Next time, I hope to make the 90 minute trip out to see Niagra Falls.

One comment on “I went to Toronto, and all I got was this Piece of Plastic

  1. Tyler on

    Funny! Yes, we are still building like crazy, and your description of the market is accurate. Good stuff, when are you coming back?


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