Transform Your Business by Transforming Your Storage

Whether your enterprise is an industry leader in smartphones, an automobile manufacturer building the next cool car, a hospital delivering the best patient care or a hedge fund making a market in derivatives, its business is highly reliant on its IT infrastructure for timely access to business information. Increasingly, real-time access to information is becoming mission critical. IT practitioners have been continually transforming their infrastructures to keep pace with the demands of their businesses. If you look back over the last 10+ years, a number of important IT trends have been shaping the design, architecture and deployment of technologies in data centers. Virtualization, multi-core servers and gigabit ethernet were some of the key enablers of disruption in the data center over the last decade. The next wave of data center transformation will be led by persistent memory technologies like flash. It’s the transformational power of persistent memory technologies like flash that has got several of us excited about the shape of things to come.

We are in the early stages of a major revolution in enterprise storage. Flash as a persistent medium is beginning to redefine the expectations of performance in enterprise storage systems. Flash-based storage delivers an order of magnitude more performance than legacy enterprise storage. With the cost of flash storage having come down so rapidly over the last few years, it has become economical to deploy flash-based storage to accelerate business critical applications.

As users of Tegile storage solutions, you have likely seen huge gains in productivity in your business by deploying our hybrid storage systems. Ever wonder how your business would accelerate further if, overnight, your applications ran 10x faster? What competitive advantages can you gain? What new business models can you pursue? How many new customers can you attract? I can tell you that you can certainly achieve dramatic business acceleration by deploying our latest line of Intelligent Flash arrays – T-series Intelligent Flash Arrays.

Several of the early adopters of our T-series platforms (we announced the T-3800 in June 2014) have already begun to transform the way they do business.

  • A national clothing retailer was able to achieve 300% speed up in their digital marketing campaigns
  • A leading solar panel manufacturer accelerated their virtual databases 8x
  • A reputed institution for higher learning cut the cost of virtual desktop storage by 70% while delivering ultrabook-like desktop performance to its 18,000+ student population.

In response to overwhelming interest in our T-series all-flash array products, we are announcing an expansion of the T-series line. Joining the T3800, our flagship all-flash array, are the T3600 and T3700. These two new all-flash arrays are built to deliver high performance for enterprise workloads and make it easier to ease into all-flash infrastructure. Learn more about T-series here.

Whichever industry you are in, whatever your business is, whomever you serve, get a leg up on your competition. Transform your business by transforming your storage!

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