Thinking AND not OR with Gartner

Two Gartner MQs are better than one.

When Tegile Systems launched in 2012, we broke ground as a hybrid storage company delivering “balanced storage,” which highlighted our solution to the age-old quandary between storage capacity and performance. Just two years later, Gartner named us a Visionary in its 2014 General Purpose Storage Array Magic Quadrant, which validated our vision and fueled our growth in larger enterprises. As we gained exposure and customers, we were increasingly asked by customers who liked our hybrid solutions, but wanted even lower latency from their Tegile arrays, to design an all-flash offering.


Last summer we unveiled our very successful T-Series all-flash arrays. In short order we qualified for inclusion in Gartner’s 2015 Solid State Array Magic Quadrant (SSA MQ).

More Shazam!

Today, we are elated to see that Tegile has also been named as a “Visionary” in the 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Solid State Arrays. It is truly exciting to make the SSA MQ just one short year after announcing our all-flash arrays; but it is even more exciting to be on both the General Purpose and Solid State MQs.

Both MQs are shown below and it might not be as obvious to readers as it is to us; so we’ll help you see what we saw: Tegile is the only upstart storage vendor in both Gartner Magic Quadrants. The appearance of Tegile in both Gartner Magic Quadrants says a lot about our architecture, herculean engineering efforts and the unique value that we offer to customers.

Gartner 2014 General Purpose Magic Quadrant

Gartner 2014 General Purpose Magic Quadrant

Gartner 2015 Solid State Magic Quadrant

Gartner 2015 Solid State Magic Quadrant

We made it even more obvious in the graphic below: The companies in the top row are named in Gartner’s SSA MQ and the companies on the far right column are named in Gartner’s General Purpose Array MQ. Tegile is named in both MQs.

Putting hybrid vs all-flash arrays aside for a moment, every data center professional recognizes the reality of running a hybrid infrastructure. Run all-flash for production databases, and hybrid for test/qa. Run VDI boot volumes and applications on all-flash and user data on hybrid.

IT leaders who need to align storage purchases with either business criticality or budget constraints now have the option to acquire Gartner-validated, Tegile all-flash and hybrid arrays that run on a common platform. If we made another chart to show the vendors that are in both MQs and have products that run on a common platform, guess how that would look? (Hint: we would occupy even rarer air).

Tegile does not have to force customers to justify all-flash arrays for applications that don’t really need it. Conversely, customers don’t have to cross their fingers and hope that our hybrid arrays can work for applications that truly require the lowest latency all the time. The fact that both types of storage systems run on the exact same IntelliFlash architecture lets us deliver the right-sized, right-performance solution to all of our customers, without having to rely on crossed fingers and future releases.

We congratulate the entire team at Tegile. To be listed in both Gartner Magic Quadrants is a proud accomplishment for us all.

If you are considering storage systems for your mixed workloads, visit our product page to learn more about Tegile all-flash and hybrid arrays.

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