US Yellow Sees Green in Partnership with Tegile

If you think that the Yellow Pages are dead services, think again! US-Yellow, an independent yellow page publisher has consumers referring to their directory more than 15 billion times a year. This huge number makes Yellow Pages a strong revenue producer for the company.

Given the massive database that US-Yellow needs to maintain in support of its core products, which include paper-based directories, online directories and directories on CD and the fact that US-Yellow also runs a traditional virtualized data center which includes a virtual desktop environment, the company needed storage that they felt could handle this blend of I/O types while, at the same time, provide them with the significant capacity that they needed to run their operations.

Ben Croxton, US-Yellow’s IT Director, didn’t go into the storage buying process blind; he was well aware of the storage challenges of a virtualized environment, such as the I/O blender effect of server virtualization and the extreme I/O demands of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure deployment. Croxton started his search with some big players and focused on flash-assisted storage. His efforts were met with frustration as he discovered that many large players do not have appropriate solutions to meet his challenge and what they do have is priced at very high levels.

Then, Croxton discovered Tegile and Nimble and ultimately narrowed down his product selection to Tegile’s Zebi array and an array from Nimble. During his due diligence phase, Croxton discovered why so many customers choose Tegile over Nimble and other competitors:

  • Tegile’s arrays come with a no compromises value proposition and can be configured to meet almost any need.
  • Tegile arrays have more storage capacity than many of our competitors. In this case, Tegile Zebi arrays boast almost a 4x flash capacity advantage per array compared to Nimble, and this translates into both additional space, but also additional enables the acceleration of evenmore workloads than would be possible with Nimble. In plain English: We’re bigger and faster.
  • Tegile makes the sales process a breeze for our customers. We respect the time and effort that goes into such important decisions and do whatever we can to assist customers in getting the right storage at the right price.
  • Tegile arrays are priced to be competitive, making them possible solutions even for SMBs, but also for midmarkets and large enterprises.

Croxton has had so much success with his initial Tegile investment in support of his virtualization needs that he has plans to deploy additional arrays in support of his file storage and backup/recovery needs. In so many ways, Tegile simply trounces the competition. In this case, US-Yellow was able to procure a better array from Tegile at a lower cost than was possible going the Nimble route.

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