VMware Recovery Using Tegile’s Snapshot & Cloning Capabilities

Most mission-critical applications today run in virtualized environments. These environments are typically built to ensure maximum application availability. Regardless of how well the environments are designed, accidents do happen. Let’s say you or one of your fellow admins (or better yet your boss) accidentally deletes a super-important VM, and application availability depends on how quickly you can recover the VM.

Traditional backup and recovery solutions can be time consuming and cumbersome. Recovering the VM using these traditional solutions could take hours. With Tegile IntelliFlash™ storage arrays, recovering your VM is super simple and only takes a few clicks. Your VM will be up and running in no time.

Here is a screen shot of VMware vCenter with the ill-fated VM highlighted:


Here is a screen shot of vCenter after you (or your boss) accidentally deleted the VM:


Let’s assume that you made the excellent decision to deploy your VM with its datastore on a Tegile array.


All you have to do to recover your VM is to follow the simple 3-step process:

Step 1: Choose the right snapshot and create a clone

On the snapshots listing page, select a point-in-time snapshot from which to recover the VM. This would of course be a snapshot created at some point prior to deleting the VM. Click on the clone icon next to the snapshot to create a mountable clone of the VM.


Step 2: Create and Mount the new Datastore

In vCenter, do a quick rescan on the iSCSI software adapter. You should see the cloned LUN under devices. Go ahead and create a datastore on top of it. At this point, you have the option to “Keep the existing signature” or “Assign a new signature”. Based on your environment, select the appropriate option.

In this example, I created the data store on the same ESX server that housed the original VM. So I chose the “Assign a new signature” option to be safe.


Step 3: Recover the VM and add it to the Inventory

Browse the new datastore and you should see your VM. Add it to the inventory. Congratulations, you just recovered your VM in practically no time with a few simple clicks!

I have to add that unlike traditional storage vendors, Tegile does not charge extra for snapshotting or any of the plethora of other features that come bundled with every array.



With Tegile Intelliflash arrays, recovery cannot get any simpler!

Watch how you can “under promise and over deliver” when it comes to recovering VMs using Tegile’s IntelliFlash snapshot and cloning capabilities

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