Tegile Systems Highlighted in VMworld 2012 Keynote Presentation

VMworld 2012 was a huge event for Tegile Systems in many ways.  One of the activities with the highest visibility was when Steve Herrod, VMware’s CTO, included Tegile in his keynote presentation.  He was showcasing VMware’s new tools to create clouds deploying applications and their ongoing performance and availability management.  Tegile is a leader in integrating into these new tools with deep integration to make deploying and managing cloud services on top of our arrays.

Steve Herrod

Customers can get right into vCloud Director via a web browser and launch into the vCenter Client to see our Zebi arrays in the datacenter inventory, build triggers and alarms all from a single pane of glass.  This makes for a very elegant user experience for the vCloud administrator.

It is always exciting to be a time to market leader, but even more exciting when we get recognized by such a powerhouse in the industry.

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