We’ve Caught Our Wave

In a Bloomberg article posted today, EMC to Symantec Consider Deals as Startups Focus on Flash, the two oligarchs are said to be grappling with the idea of breakups poised to make them into smaller companies.  The threat posed in their market is being led by new storage companies such as Tegile Systems and a couple other upstart brethren.

Now of course, Tegile is not big enough to completely dethrone EMC today, but the collective impact of the flash driven upstarts is having enough of an impact that Bloomberg thinks it is worth writing about it.  Why is this happening you ask?  Let’s look at what’s going on in the big picture.  Over the last seven or eight years, a transformation in the data center has started.  Server virtualization has completely changed the economic and operational model of managing applications, operating systems and servers.  That transformation is driving legacy storage vendors bananas because of the technical byproduct we in the storage business call the I/O Blender effect.  Legacy storage was not built for the randomized data patterns that server virtualization creates.  This has given new storage companies designed with solid state in mind to step in with much better solutions than simply adding some solid state drives into a legacy system.  Some of the big differentiators Tegile uses to succeed in this market are:

  • In-line data reduction such as deduplication and compression drives efficiencies that post-process data reduction simply can’t touch.
  • These same in-line data reduction technologies create a performance force multiplier that makes Tegile arrays 5-7 faster than legacy systems.
  • Coming to market with a full suite of data management tools eliminates operations barriers to entry into this market.
  • Offering the flexibility of choice of hybrid (SSD+HDD) or all-flash configurations from the same architecture to meet a wide range of application requirements.

Tegile's Wave

Tegile is growing very fast these days.  The more people see the impact we are having at customers such as Mizuno and Saudi Petroleum, the more we are able to win even more business against the big incumbents.  It has been written about in many business journals: a startup needs a wave to ride towards success.  I think we’ve caught our wave.  Hang Loose, Hopkinton.

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