When you pay as you go, there is no stress to buying storage


IntelliPay Utility Pricing
What if you could only pay for storage that you used? If so, you’d have the benefits of on-premise infrastructure with a cost model like the public Cloud.

As your company grows, and your storage needs grow, IntelliPay Utility Pricing allows you to pay for only the storage that you consume. Additionally, with Tegile’s superior data reduction technology, you can further reduce the amount you pay for effective storage consumption.

IntelliPay Leasing
What if you could avoid a capital outlay and minimize your operating expense with predictable payments over the next three to five years? IntelliPay Leasing gives you the power to do just that — run your data center as lean and mean as you can. After the term, Tegile Capital’s leasing option allows you to refresh to the latest technology with another new contract and avoid the headache of disposing of capital equipment responsibly.

IntelliPay $1 Buyout
What if you could avoid upfront capital outlay and after three to five years of paying on a monthly basis, you could own your storage for one dollar? With IntelliPay $1 Buyout you’d have a no-surprise expense line, no upfront payment for your equipment, and you would own your equipment after the term. If you choose to include Lifetime Storage in your IntelliPay $1 Buyout, you can stay on the technology curve at a very low fixed monthly cost.

All of these are available from Tegile Capital. With three options to choose from, pick the plan that works for you. To learn more, contact our storage experts today. We’re eager to help you get the pricing you need to support your storage needs today — and well into the future.


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