Animated whiteboard: Why you need to consider Tegile

Buying storage these days seems like a game of chance. There are more vendors than ever, with different architectures, approaches and options. You can stay with an old established vendor – and their old established architecture – and their old established business models, like charging you for every option that you have. Or you can go with a new vendor – with a new architecture and a new way of doing business, like including all the software options for one base price.

The chances are you are watching this video because you think a new vendor might have the best solution for you – and the chances are you are right. The question is: which new vendors do you want to look at?

One of the companies you need to consider is Tegile, the company I work for. I joined Tegile several months ago because I saw a company that understood what customers needed and were bringing new solutions to market using new technology that solved real-world problems, such as high-performance flash storage arrays that are fully tested and certified for SQL Server and Oracle. Tegile storage arrays not only boost the productivity of the database, applications and users, but they also cut the cost of the infrastructure by consolidating server and storage hardware. In some cases a customer may even be able to lower the cost of their database software licenses.

So let me tell you a little more about Tegile. The name of the company was formed from the words “technical” and “agility”. So think of it as technical agility and our products are designed to fit a wide range of customer environments, including Fibre Channel and iSCSI SANs as well as NFS and SMB NAS networks. And what that means for customers is that they can move any of their existing workloads to a Tegile storage array. It’s not unusual for our customers to use their Tegile array for more than what they originally planned – and that’s fine with us because that’s how we planned it.

I could go on and on about ease of use, data reduction and data protection but I’ll save that for another video. Or you could just check us out at Thanks for watching.

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