Zerto, Tegile Team to Offer Business Continuity at the Speed of Flash

Flash has made huge inroads into latency-sensitive applications, such as ERP and medical records databases. The acceleration of these workflows have truly accelerated businesses. One Tegile customer, Cherry Health, is able to handle 62,000 more patient visits per year just by moving from disk to flash for their primary storage.

But flash has been expensive for secondary applications and on-site redundancy. This is changing – fast. NAND suppliers are chasing density just as feverishly as performance and driving down costs at a pace that throws Moore’s Law right out the window. A good example is Tegile’s IntelliFlash HD, which combines the performance of the fastest flash on the market with the economics of the highest density flash available to make leveraging these technologies a cinch. Further cost reductions can be had with the low heat and power required to run flash storage. This is enabling an on-site F2F recovery strategy now.

But what about public cloud for disaster recovery? Our friends at Zerto are providing Resilience for Evolving IT™ by delivering automated, seamless Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for vSphere, Hyper-V, Azure and AWS. This ensures businesses and their customers always have access to critical applications in the cloud without any IT interruption, downtime or delay.

It’s All About F2F2C

Using Tegile flash storage for both your on-premises primary and secondary storage gives you amazing speed for even the most aggressive RTOs and RPOs. And when you combine that strategy with the public cloud, you get complete disaster recovery.

To help simplify our customers’ migration to flash and ensure they build a resilient data protection and DR infrastructure, we have teamed up with Zerto to give our customers an amazing offer.

For a limited time, all Tegile customers (both new and existing) are eligible to use Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) software free of charge for 30 days!

The value of the ZVR software license is approximately $200 for each VM migrated, so it’s a really good deal. You are free to use ZVR to migrate your virtualized datacenter from legacy storage to Tegile storage arrays, as well as set up cloud disaster recovery during and after your migration project.

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