About Tegile

Who We Are

Founded in 2010, Tegile Systems is a privately held enterprise storage vendor headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. Tegile makes all-flash and hybrid storage arrays that help organizations eliminate storage silos, simplify storage management, and reduce costs by consolidating all of their workloads onto a single flash platform.

What We Offer

Our enterprise storage arrays accommodate different grades of storage media—from hard disks to high-performance flash memory. Using patented IntelliFlash™ software architecture, data is organized and placed on the most appropriate media to deliver optimal performance with the best possible economics. Native support for both SAN and NAS protocols enables you to simplify data management by storing application data, virtual machines, and unstructured data—all on a single array.

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Who Relies on Tegile Storage

Since 2010, businesses of all sizes have relied on our enterprise storage solutions to accelerate their applications, reduce their storage footprint, and cut operational costs. With demand growing for bigger data and faster service, your storage infrastructure can make or break your business. Accelerate your business with flash storage from Tegile.

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Meet our Leadership Team

Tegile’s management team brings years of experience in enterprise data storage, virtualization and networking.

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