Grant Thornton, Run Your Business at the Speed of Memory

Tegile IntelliFlash storage arrays are built using a memory-first architecture and support both block and file protocols, enabling companies like Grant Thornton to get incredible performance, reliable data protection, and unprecedented capacity savings—all from a single flash platform.

Tegile all-flash arrays scale to meet the performance requirements of a wide range of database workloads, providing low-latency to dramatically reduce I/O wait times. Tegile can help you to increase transaction throughput by 10x, deliver sub-millisecond latency, and dramatically reduce your storage footprint on your Oracle and SQL Database and Server workloads.

Similarly for your virtualised environments - in both server and virtual desktop environments, Tegile allows you to virtualise more enterprise applications without performance concerns. Deliver 5x more IOPS, reduce your storage footprint by 75%, and ensure comprehensive VM-level data protection. For VDI deployments, Tegile has a track record in reducing storage requirements by up to 90% yet still provide the performance needed to keep your business running at the speed it deserves; at the Speed of Memory.

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