Big Data,
Meet Big Flash.

Introducing The World's Densest Flash Platform:
IntelliFlash HD

Yesterday’s spinning storage devices — while able to support vast quantities of data — are wholly inadequate when it comes to the performance requirements of Big Data.

IntelliFlash HD is the only platform that delivers the performance AND capacity your organization needs to completely move to flash.

The IntelliFlash HD has proven to be a valuable. Given its efficient economics and powerful density, we have already begun using it to consolidate virtualized applications, SQL databases, and boot workstations from SAN. MLB Network Logo Tab Butler,
Sr. Director of Media Management, MLB Network

High Density

Up to 1.4PB of effective capacity in a compact 5U footprint.

Less Than

Get all flash for less than $0.50 per effective gigabyte — an unheard of price for companies moving to flash.


Native block (FC, iSCSI) and file (NFS, CIFS/SMB3) access that can be run concurrently.


High throughput and low latency for mixed workload consolidation and analytics.

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Storage Designs for Big Data and Real-Time Analytics