Enterprise Storage @ the Speed of Memory

Unlock the power of your data and achieve breakthroughs that you once thought were impossible. Interact with your data in ways that you only imagined. Capture, access, and transform your data at speeds that up until now weren’t achievable. Get ready for the real-time enterprise!


Make Your Data Come Alive

We deliver the speed, efficiency and scale required to power your data in real time. Consolidate all types of data—big, fast, random, sequential—on the IntelliFlash Data Storage Platform and make it come alive.

Technical White Paper: IntelliFlash OS

Get a deep dive into the architecture and operating system used by all IntelliFlash storage arrays.

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Real-Time Analytics

Design Simulation

Pattern Analysis


Enterprise Data Storage Platform Engineered for Non-Volatile Memory

Enterprise Data Storage Platform Engineered for Non-Volatile Memory

IntelliFlash Data Storage Platform combines the speed of non-volatile memory with a comprehensive set of data resiliency and protection services to deliver enterprise storage at the speed of memory.