State of Idaho

Participating Addendum PADD17200626

The State of Idaho has authorized all government entities within the State of Idaho to purchase all products offered under the Western Digital NASPO ValuePoint contract MNNVP-136.

All products and services offered under the Western Digital NASPO ValuePoint contract MNNVP-136 may be purchased. All purchase orders issued by purchasing entities must include the State of Idaho Participating Addendum Contract number PADD17200626; and the Western Digital NASPO ValuePoint contract MNNVP-136.  In order to procure products and services hereunder, Eligible Users shall issue purchase orders which shall reference the contract numbers.  Eligible Users are responsible for reviewing the terms and conditions of this Addendum including all Exhibits.  Configuration limits are set at $500,000/configuration.  Please see the Idaho NASPO ValuePoint MNNVP-136 Computer Equipment, Peripherals and Related Services Participating Addendum for complete details.

Western Digital Partner Contact Information:

CDW Government LLC
Tony Sivore

Ramsey Tarazi

Sirius Computer Solutions
Dan Phillips

Virtual Enterprises, Aba: Advanced Systems Group
Steve Kampa