Switch to Tegile from NetApp ONTAP

You’ve been a loyal NetApp customer for years, but now things are different. The cost and complexity of the NetApp Clustered ONTAP migration is forcing everyone to consider alternatives. Now is your chance to retire your NetApp filer and switch to a faster, more affordable and more reliable storage solution.

Tegile IntelliFlash storage arrays are built from the ground up to deliver consistently high performance and low latency at a cost that’s on par with a NetApp expansion shelf or controller refresh. You also get inline deduplication and compression; SAN and NAS protocol support; and snapshot and replication – all in the cost of the array.

Top 5 Reasons to Retire Your NetApp Filer

1. Future-Proof Your Storage Investment

Tegile arrays come in both all-flash and hybrid configurations, yet they all use the same modern architecture. This gives you unprecedented flexibility that can really pay off. Deploy an all-flash system today. You can always add capacity in the form of hard disks and flash drives as your environment grows.

Avoid a forklift upgrade and disruptive data migration with free storage controllers after Year 5, available through our IntelliCare™ Flash Five Guarantee.

2. Get Unified Storage with VM-Level Visibility

Like NetApp storage, Tegile flash arrays natively support iSCSI SAN, Fibre Channel, NFS and SMB protocols concurrently, enabling you to eliminate data silos and consolidate all your workloads on a single array. What makes us different, though, is that our arrays are also virtualization-aware. Get greater visibility into what storage resources are used by each VM. Tegile arrays enable you to track throughput, latency, and IOPS on a per-VM basis.

3. You Won’t Get Nickel & Dimed

At Tegile, we don’t think you should get charged a licensing fee for the capacity you use. Nor do we believe you should get charged extra to use the software features that come with your storage array. And we definitely don’t think any vendor should charge their customers an obscene amount when they want to extend their support and maintenance. We also offer all-inclusive software licensing. With every Tegile array you get IntelliFlash flash management, advanced data services, multi-protocol support, and robust management capabilities.

4. Affordable Disaster Recovery

Tegile is the only next-generation flash storage company that enables you to natively replicate between its all-flash and hybrid arrays. Deploy a high-performance all-flash array for your mission-critical applications, keep that data protected by taking regular VM-consistent and application-consistent snapshots for instantaneous local backup and archive. Then replicate that data to an offsite hybrid array for efficient and affordable disaster recovery.

5. Certified for the Widest Range of Database Applications

To simplify deployment and eliminate operational risk, we work closely with our software partners to ensure our flash storage arrays are optimized to work with the latest database applications. Tegile arrays are Microsoft certified for SQL Server 2014 and SQL Server 2012. They are also certified for Oracle VM and validated to work within an Oracle Linux environment in both single-instance and Oracle RAC deployments. What’s more, we jointly publish reference architectures to help you get started.

Customer Testimonials

We’re driven by the speed that our Oracle applications demand, and if our NetApp array couldn’t handle it, then sticking with NetApp didn’t make sense. Tegile has always impressed us and has never let us down.

Josh De Jong, Systems Architect,
Leupold & Stevens

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Our NetApp technology was getting old, and it just wasn’t keeping up. We wanted to expand our existing footprint and make a large leap in technology. Ultimately, we chose Tegile, for many reasons. Primarily, it was performance and cost, as well as the ability to shrink our footprint.

Richard Moon, IT Director,

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