Sustained High Performance with Low Latency

Tegile All-Flash Array

All-Flash Arrays for Any Workload

Tegile all-flash arrays make it easy and affordable to make the transition to a flash-centric data center. By delivering maximum performance, high density, and compelling economics, the T Series is ideal for latency-sensitive, business-critical workloads such as online transaction processing, real-time analytics, decision support, and data warehousing. The T Series portfolio enables you to start small and scale in capacity as your business grows. Start with the T4600 all-flash array and deliver a turbo-boost to your legacy storage while deferring equipment replacement and move up to the T4800 when your density and capacity requirements grow.

  • 5x data reduction delivers less than $0.50/GB**
  • 10 Petabyte/drive endurance
  • At 55 effective terabytes per rack unit, the T4800 goes well beyond traditional disk-based array density
Controller Memory240GB464GB
Effective Capacity (min / max)43TB / 1115TB86TB / 1158TB173TB / 1241TB
Power Requirements475 Watts
Rack Units2U
ProtocolsiSCSI, Fibre Channel, NFS, CIFS, SMB 3.0
Connectivity8 & 16-Gbps Fibre Channel, 10GbE Copper/Fiber, 1Gbps Ethernet
SoftwareIntelliFlash™ Operating System 3.x
Data ServicesInline deduplication, inline compression, thin provisioning, snapshots, remote replication
ManagementWeb UI, Plug-in for VMware vCenter, SSH, IP-KVM, SNMP
Cloud AnalyticsIntelliCare™ cloud analytics and proactive support available with Standard and Premier support programs
Data SecurityInline 256-bit AES encryption for data-at-rest
RedundancyNo single point of failure, active/active controllers, dual ported storage media
DatasheetDetailed Specifications