Lifetime Storage

Buy Once, Refresh For Life.

Enterprises have an insatiable need for the latest and greatest technology, but rarely have the capital budget to support these needs. There’s now a better way. Tegile’s Lifetime Storage Program, gives you the ability to get a technology refresh of your storage system as part of your maintenance contract. In 3 (or 5) years, you can get an entirely new system or advanced storage controllers with zero CAPEX outlay, for as long as your system is under a valid maintenance contract.

Stay Ahead of The Storage Technology Curve

Unlike other programs, Lifetime Storage gives you the option to either refresh the entire array, including the controllers, HBAs, NICs, enclosures, and all storage media, or just refresh the advanced storage controllers. This ensures your storage is always using the best combination of technology, enabling you to continually deliver the high application performance and capacity your organization needs.

Get out of the CAPEX battle

With Lifetime Storage, your next technology refresh is already covered in your maintenance contract. You won’t have to go to the CFO and ask for more budget to update your storage.

Move your OPEX to the Cloud

Whether you want to own, lease, or pay GB/month, Tegile IntelliPay from Tegile Capital gives you the flexibility of paying for your on-premise storage on a simple monthly billing cycle.

Level Maintenance Costs

While capacity and performance are always on the upswing, your maintenance costs don’t have to be. Tegile’s entire Proactive Support pricing stays level throughout the life of the array - even when it is extended with Lifetime Storage.

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