Flash 5 Guarantee

The most comprehensive flash storage guarantee

Most enterprise storage purchases include consideration of five key principles. Tegile™ has put a guarantee behind all of these, giving you the confidence you’ve made the best storage purchase possible.

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5X faster performance
compared to traditional storage

Our Intelligent All-Flash Arrays are designed to deliver high performance in any condition. We guarantee 5X better latency versus legacy storage arrays.

5 years of flat support pricing
with fresh flash and free controller upgrades

Enterprise workloads require enterprise-grade SSDs and we guarantee it for 5 years, even in high write I/O environments. Furthermore, upgrade your storage controllers after 5 years with the purchase of an additional 3 or 5 year support contract.

5:1 data reduction
in well-virtualized environments

In well-virtualized environments you will experience as low as 5:1 data reduction ratio. Our Tegile sales team can help evaluate your actual data set’s reduction rate.

5€ per gigabyte
of high-endurance eMLC flash

Enjoy flat pricing with no gimmicks. Rely on our data reduction guarantee and get flash performance with the economics of disk storage.

5 nines availability
— that's 99.999% uptime

Our Intelligent All-Flash Arrays are proven in mission-critical environments. With Active-Active Controllers in place we confidently guarantee 5 nines availability against an unplanned outage.

Wait…there's one more thing.

Our Flash 5 Guarantee includes an industry-leading 5 Year guarantee window so you have the time to install, configure and optimize your environment without rushing to meet a guarantee deadline.*

*All Flash 5 terms are in our standard quote and license agreement. New array purchases only. Guarantee in effect for 5 years from the time of arrival at customer site. Customer must perform a good-faith installation with IntelliCare enabled. All remedies are at the sole discretion of Tegile Systems, Inc.

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Flash 5 Guarantee
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