IntelliFlash Storage Management

The Intelligence Behind Every Tegile Flash Storage Array

Accelerate application performance and drive down storage costs. Tegile’s IntelliFlash™ storage management software enables you to dial up or down the amount of flash to maximize performance and economics.

IntelliFlash Architecture

Persistent Memory Architecture

Tegile’s IntelliFlash OS is a fast, flexible operating environment designed to leverage different grades of storage media—DRAM, NVDIMM, NVMe and SAS NAND flash, HDD, etc.—in a single storage array.

IntelliFlash understands the inherent characteristics of different storage media and intelligently manages the placement of data to deliver memory-like performance with the best possible economics. It also includes advanced data services, multi-protocol support, and flexible management capabilities, enabling you to significantly shrink your storage footprint, maximize uptime, consolidate workloads, and simplify storage administration.

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Media Optimization

Media Management

Media longevity & reliability

IntelliFlash optimizes data layout for the underlying geometry of the medium (flash or hard disk) to ensure long life even under high I/O workload.

  • Writes are aligned to sector boundaries for disks and to native page sizes of flash to avoid fragmented I/O and unnecessary media writes
  • Flash wear is continually tracked and data are relocated to ensure uniform wear across flash pages.
  • Data is deduplicated & compressed before it's written to media, minimizing writes and extending life of the storage media

Storage Pooling

Consistent I/O & high capacity utilization

By virtualizing and aggregating physical media into resource pools and using a flash-optimized RAID scheme, IntelliFlash delivers consistent I/O performance with lower capacity overhead.

  • Capacity allocation and provisioning are easy and on demand
  • IntelliFlash RAID uses multi-parity protection schemes and dynamic stripe widths to eliminate performance overhead and media wear from read-modify-write operations
  • I/O pipelining and data coalescing ensure consistent performance with lower average latency


System Availability & Reliability

Continuous information availability is paramount when deploying flash storage for enterprise applications. IntelliFlash is designed to deliver high resiliency and availability

  • Dual controllers with Active/Active I/O handling for continuous data access
  • Dual-ported media (flash and hard disks) and redundant I/O fabric ensure no single point of failure
  • Capacity expansion, system upgrades, media swaps are fully non-disruptive with zero downtime – all with negligible performance impact.

Metadata Acceleration

Aggregation & Placement

Accelerated data services

IntelliFlash’s Metadata Aggregation and Placement Engine automatically separates metadata from application data. The engine organizes, aggregates, and places metadata on low-latency media enabling the acceleration of advanced data services

  • Metadata are organized into flexible, multi-layered data structures and distributed across multiple flash media and fully protected.
  • The multi-layered metadata management scheme facilitates storing and managing massive amounts of data at high I/O rates
  • Benefits include high performance, inline data reduction across flash and hard disk, support for variable block sizes, and automated coalescing of data to match media’s native format

Caching & Scaling

Consistent performance at scale

By caching the most frequently-accessed metadata and application data in high-performance storage layers (DRAM and flash), IntelliFlash’s Caching and Scaling Engine delivers predictable latency for data reads and writes.

  • Caching algorithms are adaptive and optimized for various I/O patterns to ensure high cache utilization rates
  • Caching engine is designed to seamlessly adapt to differing media latencies across multiple levels of cache
  • Automated expansion of metadata storage space ensures dynamic scaling of metadata management and advanced data services to handle massive data sets

Data Services

Data Reduction

Inline data deduplication & compression

By reducing storage consumption and avoiding unnecessary writes, IntelliFlash data reduction technologies minimize media wear

  • Inline data deduplication eliminates redundant data blocks and can be enabled at a storage pool, or LUN/file share level, using variable block sizes
  • A choice of compression algorithms are available to address the needs of various workloads
  • By enabling more data to be served out of flash and DRAM, deduplication and compression accelerate storage system performance

Data Protection

Thin snapshots, clones & integrity checks

The IntelliFlash data protection services keep data safe, secure and always available with no impact on performance.

  • IntelliFlash delivers in-line 256-bit AES encryption for data at rest on flash and hard disk with no impact to performance
  • Checksum matching for data blocks and automatically fixing corrupt blocks protect against silent data corruption
  • Instantaneous thin snapshots create space-efficient, point-in-time copies of data for backups and quick restores

Data Recovery

Remote replication & consistent restores

IntelliFlash data recovery features enable enterprises to recover quickly from data loss or corruption, or even site outages.

  • VM- and application-consistent snapshots enable instantaneous, stable recovery
  • Intelligent data reconstruction ensures quick recovery from media failures and minimizes the window of exposure to another failure
  • Site-to-site WAN-optimized replication of aggregated volumes in a consistency group enables bandwidth-efficient disaster recovery and business continuity

Protocols  |  Management

Protocol Choice

Block & file

IntelliFlash is architected to natively provide block and file access to meet the needs of different workloads, and consolidate workloads on a single array. The architecture is extensible, enabling easy addition of other protocols.

  • Supported block protocols include iSCSI and Fibre Channel
  • Supported file protocols are NFS, CIFS & SMB 3.0
  • For all protocols, redundant fabric capabilities allow data access over multiple redundant paths

Management Flexibility

User & Programmable Interfaces

Enterprises need flexible options to manage storage in complex datacenter environments. IntelliFlash provides easy to use and solution-integrated storage management options, and CallHome functions ensure proactive, timely intervention.

  • The WebUI is a simple and easy to use interface for comprehensive management of Tegile arrays
  • A programmable task-oriented REST API enables scripted and automated storage management
  • A plugin allows Tegile arrays to be managed through VMware vCenter, and management integration enables the arrays to be managed through Microsoft SCVMM*