IntelliFlash HD

One Flash Platform. ALL Workloads.

IntelliFlash HD

One Flash Platform. MANY Workloads.

IntelliFlash™ HD combines Tegile’s IntelliFlash operating platform with the world's highest density flash. IntelliFlash HD is the only platform that delivers the performance and economics your organization needs to run an all-flash data center.

Data Consolidation

IntellFlash HD Scaleout

At the core of IntelliFlash HD is the same platform that powers Tegile’s award-winning flash arrays. The IntelliFlash platform brings together several architectural innovations in flash management, data persistence, and data management to enable IntelliFlash HD to deliver unprecedented levels of performance, data consolidation, simplicity, and economics. Tegile arrays can already run any of an organization’s workloads. With IntelliFlash HD, you can consolidate all your workloads and all of your data onto a single array to achieve the best balance of performance and economics at scale.

IntelliFlash HD has proven to be a valuable asset as we are always looking for ways to improve our post-production process. Given its efficient economics and powerful density, we have already begun using it to consolidate virtualized applications, SQL databases, and workstations boot from SAN.

Tab Butler,
Sr. Director of Media Management, MLB Network


Scalable Architecture

Dual active-controller scale-up architecture allows for easy capacity and performance growth.

High-Capacity Density

Performance means nothing if you don't have the space to use it. IntelliFlash HD delivers Petabytes of capacity in a compact 5U footprint.

Sustained Performance

With high throughput and low latency for mixed workload consolidation and Big Data analytics IntelliFlash HD can handle your most intensive workloads.

Affordable Disaster Recovery

Replicate between all-flash AND hybrid configurations.

Unified Storage

Native block (FC, iSCSI) and file (NFS, CIFS/SMB3) access that can be run concurrently.

Comprehensive Data Services

Inline deduplication and compression, snapshots, read/write clones, and thin provisioning help you get the most capacity out of your IntelliFlash HD array.


Superior Economics

With industry-leading densities, you will find the perfect balance of performance and economics.

Industry Leading OPEX

With a platform that is energy efficient, features inline data reduction and is easy to maintain, customers save on power, cooling and labor.

Unmatched Compatibility

With multiple certified configurations with Oracle, Microsoft, VMware, and many others, IntelliFlash HD is ready for your IT environment.

VMware Support

Includes a vCenter plug-in and Integrates with VMware SRM and VAAI.

Simplified Management

Single UI management for all operations.

One Flash Platform

Includes a layer of high-performance flash and a layer of high-density flash in the same system, enabling the transformation to an all-flash datacenter.


Flash as % of Total Usable Capacity100% Flash
ControllersDual-Active Controller Architecture
DRAM Memory464GB
Storage Capacity
Flash Memory*8TB24TB15.4TB46TB
High-Density Flash Memory*84.5TB238TB169TB476TB
Effective All-Flash Capacity**307.2TB921.6TB614.4TB1843.2TB
Form Factor5U
Weight (Lbs)Up to 175
Power (Watts)Up to 1250
Software Services
ProtocolsSAN protocol support (iSCSI, Fibre Channel), NAS protocol support (NFS, CIFS, SMB 3.0)
Data ServicesInline deduplication, compression, thin provisioning, snapshots, remote replication, application profiles
ManagementWeb browser, plug-ins for VMware vCenter and Microsoft System Center VM Manager, SSH, IP-KVM, SNMP
RedundancyNo single point of failure, Active-Active high-availability architecture, dual-ported storage media
Network Connectivity
Lights-out Management Ports2 x 1 Gbps KVM over IP
Storage Connectivity8 & 16-Gbps Fibre Channel or 10GbE Copper/Fiber or 1 Gbps Ethernet
Basic24x7 support via email and phone, next business day hardware replacement for defective parts and software updates for the first 90 days.
OptionalStandard and Premier support. Visit for details.

* Values indicated are RAW capacity. All storage capacities are measured in Gigabytes (GB) or Terabytes (TB) using base-10 math.
** Effective capacity assumes capacity after data protection, metadata overhead, and includes the benefit of data reduction with inline deduplication and compression. Data Reduction is calculated at 5-to-1. Where a range is present, the values are Min - Max. All storage capacities are measured in Gigabytes (GB) or Terabytes (TB) using base-10 math.