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Tegile and Zerto Solutions Brief

Use Cases: Data Protection, IntelliFlash

Tegile eliminates the storage I/O barriers to a fully virtualized data center with the IntelliFlash storage arrays. Tegile arrays deliver breakthrough performance with mission critical availability enabling you to consolidate more virtual machines per server, virtualize business- critical applications with ease and achieve dramatic improvement in infrastructure economics.

Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) continuously protects the most aggressive applications and enables flexible data protection options. Whether it is between two or more on premise enterprise datacenters, public clouds like AWS and Azure, or a hybrid combination; Zerto protects and fully orchestrates the recoveries or migrations.

Together, Tegile and Zerto offer the best of both worlds: fast, efficient storage built for demanding performance yet fully replicated and protected. The Tegile and ZVR combination to not just operate in a virtual environment, but to maximize the benefits that virtualization offers. The synergies and alignment between these two products tackle the IT manager’s toughest issues.