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Organizations mine their data to unearth insights and transform their business processes to realize higher revenues and profits. IntelliFlash™ enables you to operationalize and learn from your data to achieve your business goals.

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Create Value from your Data

Create Value from your Data

Your Oracle environments must consistently deliver quick access to time-sensitive information to enable your organization to be a leader in the industry. Whether it is real-time processing, machine learning, data analytics or business intelligence, IntelliFlash storage arrays dramatically reduce transaction wait times and empower you to reach new goals for your business.

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Get Better ROI from your Infrastructure

Get Better ROI from your Infrastructure

As you supercharge and scale your Oracle database instances with high performance flash, you also need to pay attention to your budget.

Oracle’s Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) allows you to define multiple data storage classes and assign portions of data to different tiers based on cost, performance, and security. Provide All-NVMe, All-Flash and Hybrid-Flash storage pools, and efficient data reduction technology on IntelliFlash storage arrays for a cost-effective data strategy.

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Deliver Flexibility and Scale

Deliver Flexibility and Scale

IntelliFlash is a Unified Storage Array that enables you to hyper-consolidate your Oracle Database environments and reduce your overall storage expenditure. You have the flexibility of configuring an Oracle Grid or RAC with ASM, or setup dNFS for data storage access - all from the same array.

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Customers rely on Intelliflash

"We’re driven by the speed that our Oracle applications demand. IntelliFlash has always impressed us and has never let us down."

- Josh De Jong, Systems Architect at Leupold Stevens

"People always say there is no such thing as a single solution – but IntelliFlash provided us with just that."

- Todd Stanley, IT Director at Transpo Services

Validated Solution

Validated Solution

Oracle Linux and Oracle VM Validated Configurations ensure easier and faster Oracle Database deployments. Deliver performance and reliability to your Oracle environments with IntelliFlash storage arrays.

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Flexible Platform for any Oracle Workload

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Real-Time Workloads and Mission Critical Oracle Applications

All Flash

Business Line Oracle Applications and Data Analytics

Dense Flash

Massive Consolidation of Oracle Application Environments


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