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Microsoft SQL Server

Crush database latency at a lower cost than traditional storage

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Increase Database Performance

Accelerate Database Throughput and Response Times

Your business depends on Microsoft SQL Server databases for data warehousing, analytics and OLTP workloads. It’s essential that you deliver consistently high levels of performance and availability. But that can be difficult without the right storage infrastructure. As a result, revenue and productivity can suffer.

Tegile offers hybrid and all flash storage solutions that deliver high IOPS and sustained low latency at a price that fits most budgets. Each array includes a comprehensive set of data protection and management capabilities. Dial up or down the amount of flash to meet your performance needs.

Reduce Storage Footprint

Virtualize & Consolidate

More Databases Per Server

Scale your SQL Server databases by virtualizing and consolidating more per server while overcoming the challenges of I/O blending in a virtual environment. Providing for massive bandwidth allocation and IOPS availability, Tegile IntelliFlash Arrays help alleviate end user challenges during peak usage times, keeping consistent with performance SLAs. By migrating your databases to Tegile flash arrays, you can increase transactional throughput by accelerating redo log writes, scale data warehouse applications by accelerating disk-based sorting, and supercharge your database indexing performance.

Inline Compression & Deduplication

2x - 5x Reduction in Storage Footprint

Compress your databases by 2x – 5x and maintain multiple copies of your data without taking up additional storage space. Inline compression and deduplication capabilities dramatically reduce the overall storage footprint of your SQL Server databases while helping to improve performance. Choose the compression rate and turn on/off deduplication at the LUN/share level or at the project level to strike the perfect balance between speed and capacity.

Protect Business Critical Information

Continuous Availability

Avoid Information Downtime

SQL Server databases often contain business-critical data that have to be protected and available 24 x 7. With Tegile arrays, there is no single point of failure. All media are dual-ported and accessible through a pair of highly available, redundant controllers. The controllers are configured in an active/active mode and can be configured for simultaneous data access. Capacity expansion, system upgrades, media swaps are performed with zero downtime and minimal performance impact.

Snapshot Backup & Recovery

Eliminate Backup Windows

Enable frequent and instantaneous backups of production or test-development databases with our IntelliFlash snapshot technology. Tegile arrays support Microsoft VSS (Volume Shadow-copy Services) to ensure point-in-time, application-consistent snapshots for your SQL Server databases. The snapshots are space-efficient and incur no performance overhead. Recovery from database backup copies is almost instantaneous.

Remote Replication

Full Disaster Recovery

For disaster recovery, replicate snapshots to a remote site. Restoring a database is nearly instantaneous from either a local or remote snapshot that's always application-consistent.

Certified & Optimized

Deploy Databases with Confidence

Tegile arrays are Microsoft certified for Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2014, and SQL Server 2012. We've also published SQL Server reference architectures so that you reduce your operational risk and get the highest performance in the most cost-effective manner.

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