VDI Storage

Deliver on the promise of virtual desktop infrastructure

IntelliFlash Arrays make it amazingly economical to scale your virtual desktops from pilot to production.

Flash Storage for VDI

Unlimited Virtual Desktop Performance with Amazing ROI

You bought into the promise of VDI, thoughtfully architected your infrastructure, and started rolling out your virtual desktops. It’s time to scale the deployment and you hit the storage I/O wall – your legacy enterprise storage is unable to deliver consistent performance and your end-users are irate.  You are faced with tough choices – deliver on SLAs, justify the ROI, revert to physical desktops.

Think And not Or, when it comes to delivering on the promise of desktop virtualization while keeping storage infrastructure costs down.  Deliver responsive performance for your virtual desktops and at the same cut your storage costs in half.  Tegile IntelliFlash storage arrays provide the perfect platform to scale your VDI infrastructure from pilot to production and achieve the ROI.

Rich User Experience

Ultrabook Responsiveness

Deliver a virtual desktop experience that matches or exceeds the user-experience of a physical desktop at all times. Tegile IntelliFlash storage arrays provide large amounts of sustained IOPS while being able to handle any type of I/O with sub-millisecond latency regardless of the number of virtual desktops.

Desktops of any Type & Size

As your VDI deployment expands in your enterprise, you will likely need to support a wide range of user profiles – from the casual mobile user to the advanced knowledge and power users.  With Tegile flash arrays you can deliver rich end-user experience while reducing storage footprint for all types of desktops – persistent, non-persistent, cloned.

Say Goodbye to I/O Storms

With massive number of IOPS at its disposal, a Tegile flash array makes I/O hungry VDI task management a non-event. Boot 1000s of desktops concurrently without impacting current users.  Make login and logoff events an order of magnitude faster.  Deliver predictable and consistent user experience even during performance-intensive events like virus scanning, patching and recomposing virtual machines.

Run Everything Faster

  • Provision VMs
    10x Faster

  • Clone VMs
    20x Quicker

  • Boot 100s of VMs
    30x Faster

  • Rebalance VMs
    50x Quicker

  • Recompose VMs
    100x Faster

As the size and scale of your VDI deployment increases, you will need a storage system that can keep up with the performance demands of your virtual desktops, without compromising end-user experience. With the speed and responsiveness of Tegile IntelliFlash storage arrays, you can dramatically cut down the time required for doing regular VDI maintenance tasks. Speed up your storage and keep your desktop users smiling.

Cut Desktop Costs in Half

More Virtual Desktops 
per Server

Run more virtual desktops per server with Tegile IntelliFlash arrays.  Due to massive IOPs and bandwidth availability, you can right-size the memory and CPU footprint per server, reduce server spend and yet achieve optimal virtual desktop performance. Consolidate other applications and user data on Tegile flash arrays to achieve better economics. Should you so choose, you can optimize data layout between flash and disk to further lower costs.

Greater than 10:1 Reduction
in Storage Footprint

Duplicate data from OS images, applications, libraries, and user-specific applications that are spread across virtual desktops are automatically identified and reduced by inline deduplication and compression capabilities of Tegile flash arrays.  You can consistently achieve greater than 10-to-1 reduction in storage footprint when deploying a large number of virtual desktops – all this without compromising performance.

Certified & Ready

Certified for VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft

Whatever your choice of hypervisor and virtual desktop server solution, Tegile IntelliFlash arrays deliver exceptional performance and economics for your VDI deployment.  We have worked closely with VMware, Citrix and Microsoft to develop and validate several VDI reference architectures.  Through extensive testing with various hypervisors and desktop servers, we eliminate any interoperability and operational risk and enable you to realize the promise of desktop virtualization.