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In just a few years, technology has reshaped the financial services industry. Big data is giving organizations unprecedented insight into consumer behavior. Mobile payments and deposits have become the norm. Speed has become a crucial way for financial organizations to differentiate and gain a competitive advantage.

Tegile Intelligent Flash Arrays give financial organizations like yours the IT performance to stand out. With all-flash and hybrid configurations, along with the ability to adjust the amount of flash storage in use, Tegile arrays give organizations performance at the right price.

Fueling Innovation

Banking and financial services organizations always seek new ways to speed transaction processing and enhance the customer experience. Both of these efforts spell an increasing need for high-speed data delivery. At the same time, such applications often operate using virtual servers or desktop clients, which aren’t always the best for performance.

Tegile storage systems can greatly improve your data delivery speeds, and they’re perfect for virtual environments. Compared to legacy storage, virtual servers routinely run 5-10x faster on Tegile storage systems, while virtual desktop users often report a 20x performance boost. Financial organizations using Tegile can be confident in their ability to serve information and services quickly, wherever it’s needed.

Driving New Insights

Banks and financial service firms thrive on information. Unfortunately, extracting meaningful insight from database systems is often hindered by the time it takes data to traverse to and from the underlying storage.

What if you could dramatically improve data analysis? Tegile storage offers lightning-fast access and swift handling of high transaction loads. It works well with Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or even Microsoft SharePoint and Exchange. It also includes built-in encryption and ongoing data protection with snapshot functionality so your sensitive customer data remains safe and available 24x7.

Tradition is Important, Unless It Holds You Back...

There’s something to be said for tried-and-true technologies like disk storage, yet many organizations remain hampered by traditional storage that no longer serves their needs. This is especially true when it comes to supporting the I/O needs of virtual servers, emerging virtual desktop environments, and a slate of custom database applications.

Can your traditional storage keep up with your aggressive IT plans for new products and services? Is it causing system slowdowns or unnecessary wait times to access data and applications? Tegile storage can make the kind of difference you have to see to believe. The combined speed and economics of Tegile arrays give you the performance you need—without breaking the bank.

You Can Bank on Tegile

If you think flash-optimized storage isn’t for you, ask one of our finance customers, like the Bank of Stockton. After a careful assessment against competing storage systems, Tegile was selected for its performance, price, and support.

Financial organizations are used to weighing risk and reward. Isn’t it time you weigh the risks and rewards of Tegile storage? You and your customers will be glad you did.

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