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The transformation of government IT is well underway. The 25-point Implementation Plan to Reform Federal IT, an executive order issued on April 27, 2011, acknowledges the responsibility of government to streamline services and to deliver them faster and at a lower cost. Tegile hybrid and all flash arrays accelerate this transformation by seamlessly integrating multiple grades of storage media to deliver optimal performance and best economics for a wide range of enterprise applications.

Each array is powered by Tegile’s IntelliFlash software architecture, giving you a single storage platform capable of supporting all flash, a mixture of flash and disk, or a mixture of high-performance flash and high-density flash. Dial up or down the amount of flash to match the performance and economic demands of your business applications.


A Better Storage Alternative for Federal Agencies: The economics of on-premise flash storage vs. public cloud

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How You Can Use Data Analytics to Change Government

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Solving the Gaps of Cyber preparedness

Shaun Waterman, contributing editor for CyberScoop, talks with Jason Strawderman, Tegile’s VP of sales for the east and federal government, and Lee Rossey, CTO and co-founder of SimSpace Corporation, about how to defend your organization against cyber-security attacks.

Consolidate & Improve Efficiency

Virtualization has helped government reduce overall data center energy footprint, reduce costs, increase security, and deliver more efficient computing platforms. Tegile arrays help you realize the full potential of virtualization by delivering up to 10X the performance of traditional storage arrays at one-third the cost. Virtualize more applications and achieve better VM consolidation.

Reduce IT Costs

Slash storage acquisition and operational costs. Inline compression and global inline deduplication enables up to 90% storage reduction without the performance penalty of legacy storage arrays. Tegile also uses high-density flash drives, which are significantly more energy-efficient than rotating media.

Deliver Services Faster

Server and desktop virtualization, online transaction processing (OLTP), and analytics are particularly sensitive to IO bottlenecks and latency. Eliminate those bottlenecks and accelerate mission-critical applications with Tegile arrays. They deliver the high IOPS and sustained low latency necessary to improve performance by up to 10X.

Accelerate Insights

Whether you are predicting traffic congestion or seeking mission advantage, faster analytics means greater insights, which leads to better decision-making. With a Tegile array, you can significantly reduce the time it takes to run complex reports and ad-hoc queries.

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