Transforming State &
Local Government

Solutions for State & Local Government Agencies

Whether it's compliance, performance, or cost, state and local governments have plenty to think about when choosing a data storage solution. Tegile hybrid and all flash storage arrays give government agencies a high-performance, cost-effective way to run their enterprise applications.

Each array is powered by Tegile's IntelliFlash software architecture, a single storage platform capable of supporting all flash, a mixture of flash and disk, or a mixture of high-performance flash and high-density flash. Adjust the amount of flash to the performance and economic demands of your applications.

Consolidate & Improve Efficiency

IT leaders at state and local governments are under extreme pressure to increase the effectiveness of their power usage. Virtualization is an important step towards this goal, but traditional storage can hold you back. Tegile flash storage arrays help you realize the full potential of virtualization by delivering up to 10X the performance of traditional storage arrays at one-third the cost. Virtualize more applications and achieve better VM consolidation.

Reduce IT Costs

Tegile flash arrays use inline compression and global inline deduplication to shrink your storage footprint by up to 90%. They also use high-density flash drives, which consume less energy and require less cooling. Slash storage acquisition and operational costs without the performance penalty of large storage arrays.

Deliver Services Faster

Services like virtualization, analytics, and online transaction processing (OLTP) are particularly sensitive to IO bottlenecks and latency. Eliminate these bottlenecks and accelerate mission-critical applications with Tegile arrays. They deliver the high IOPS and sustained low latency necessary to improve performance by up to 10X.

Accelerate Insights

Tegile storage arrays offer built-in snapshot and remote replication at no extra charge, so you can efficiently and economically protect your data against disasters. Only Tegile allows you to deploy a high-performance all-flash array for your organization’s mission-critical data and natively replicate that data to an offsite hybrid array for disaster recovery.

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