Deliver Healthcare IT @ the Speed of Memory

Make your organization thrive and be a leader in Healthcare. IntelliFlash Arrays enable healthcare organizations to deliver responsive, efficient, and round-the-clock patient care.

Your New Digital Needs
Deserve Better Storage

Patient data that was once confined to paper/photographic records is now digital. This means powerful database systems and virtualized IT environments are the norm. Add BYOD, tablets, wearables, telemedicine, care network collaboration, AI, and analytics to the mix, and success comes down to your IT. If your IT infrastructure isn’t fast and reliable, you won’t be able to handle modern workloads and deliver positive patient outcomes.

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Drive Healthcare IT Innovation

Accelerate Patient Care

Boost the performance of your clinical apps, machine learning, and analytics 10x – 20x to deliver responsive, round-the-clock patient care.

Remove Complexity

Deploy our storage, set it, and forget it with native real-time data placement, automated data healing, and data-at-rest encryption.

Achieve Higher ROI

Consolidate multiple petabytes of EHR, EMR, and PACS onto a single platform. Invest Once, and Refresh for Life with Lifetime Storage.

Deliver Personalized
Patient Care

Deliver Personalized
Patient Care

Invest more time in personalized care by improving clinical efficiency. Eliminate your worries about storage performance and unproductive wait times. With IntelliFlash Arrays, access and preserve your EMR and EHR with ease while leveraging ML and analytics to improve the speed and quality of patient evaluations.


Fast Billing
& Claims


Achieve Round-the-Clock Collaboration

Achieve Round-the-Clock Collaboration

Your patients need 24/7 care. Speed diagnosis with instant secured access to data, images, and test results through increased care network collaboration. Accelerate and enhance patient evaluation through AI-assisted image analysis. With IntelliFlash HD, you can boost the performance of your PACS system for decreased time between diagnosis and treatment.

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Image access



Patient Care–Anywhere at Anytime

Patient Care–Anywhere at Anytime

Set your physicians, nurses, and clinicians free with mobile solutions. Deliver data to their fingertips to increase the quality of patient care. Capture IoT data from wearable devices, such as Fitbits and watches, for improved diagnoses and treatment plans. IntelliFlash delivers sub-millisecond response for your applications while reducing your storage costs by up to 50%.


Care Network

Enhanced Patient

Unlock All Possibilities

Unlock All Possibilities

Drive healthcare innovation by compressing clinical trial and research timelines through Machine Learning and Deep Analytics. Decrease the time to validate or eliminate findings and diagnoses. With IntelliFlash Arrays, you can analyze any type of data – structured or unstructured – to gain rapid insights and revolutionize patient care.



Clinical Risk

Customers Rely on IntelliFlash

"The entire patient and doctor experience depends on low latency, easy accessibility to files and infrastructure that is always up and running. With IntelliFlash, our patients wait less and our doctors get a faster response time from the system."

-Kirill Kuzishchin, Systems Administrator at EvergreenHealth

"If our providers can see one extra patient per day, we can see 62,000 extra patients per year. Without that speed, that would be 62,000 patients that very possibly would not have been seen by their physician."

-Ken Brower, CIO of Cherry Health

"We are saving a lot of time, a lot of money, and we can continue to expand storage shelves easily without worrying about breaking the bank."

-Jason Artwohl, Director of Information Technology at Merwin

IntelliFlash Arrays:
Just What the Doctor Ordered

With IntelliFlash Arrays, you can reduce latency by 10x-100x to boost clinical application performance and enable more effective patient care. Balance performance and economics by selecting the ratio of media (NVMe Flash, performance flash, dense flash) necessary to support your workloads.

Change your expectations from “can we?” to “when can we?” Take a closer look at IntelliFlash All-Flash Arrays for your next IT project. Learn why other healthcare customers view IntelliFlash Arrays as critical to their organization’s success. Let us help you make your data come alive. You’ll be glad you did.