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The healthcare industry has seen unprecedented change. Patient data that was once confined to paper records and antiquated computer systems is now available from virtually anywhere at any time. However, as paperless initiatives and digitized imaging have gained popularity, organizations have become dependent on virtual servers, virtual desktops, and powerful database systems to provide access to next-generation EHR systems and applications.

Your New Digital Needs Deserve Better Storage

BYOD. Tablet access. Workstations on wheels. Database upgrades. New patient engagement apps. It all comes back to your IT. If your IT infrastructure isn’t fast and reliable, your services won’t be either. Traditional storage can create a huge bottleneck. Legacy storage arrays simply aren’t capable of handling modern workloads. Thankfully, Tegile flash-optimized storage arrays are up to the task.

What Healthcare Organizations Think About Tegile

When healthcare organizations like yours compared Tegile against established storage vendors, they couldn’t believe the difference. Several things made groups like the Oklahoma Heart Hospital and Renal Ventures Management choose Tegile Intelligent Flash arrays over other big-name vendors, but two reasons stood out. Compared to traditional storage arrays, Tegile arrays are significantly faster, and about a third of the cost. They work so well that virtualization vendors have started recommending Tegile storage for upcoming healthcare customer projects.

Let Us Help You Realize Your Next-Generation Plans

If you have aggressive, innovative plans to transform the patient/hospital experience, you’ll need the IT resources to back it up. At the same time, some IT solutions can saddle you with complex management and hidden costs for essential features. You need storage your IT team can get behind, something that just plain works.

Tegile: Just What the Doctor Ordered

The innovation, simplicity, and flexibility of Tegile storage arrays allow healthcare organizations to balance performance with economics by making it easy to select the amount of flash and hard disk storage you need. No worries about whether or not the storage can keep up. No slowdowns or unproductive wait times. Need to support thousands of virtual desktop users at the same time? What about high database transaction loads or large image files? Tegile has you covered on all fronts.

Take a closer look at Tegile storage arrays for your next IT project. Hear why other healthcare customers call Tegile storage critical to their organization. You’ll be glad you did.

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